EBL SFI-6 install & tuning thread

The very learn was pulling be more fuel this morning than this afternoon if I remember correctly. I did a few learns on the ride home from the base. Have most of the 3200rpm and down at 0.

But, it is 95* ambiant, and I saw 129* IAT. Engine temp at 180* solid.

I'll have to do a log today, then do one tomorrow. I may have to make temp correction somewhere.

Liquid, remember to do your Learns in the most ideal conditions and save them. Don't redo the Learns over and over again in the same cells because you will find that they constantly change as weather and temperature varies, and you'll be doing VE Learns constantly. The difference in condition will be corrected for by the EBL, so save the ideal ones and move on. The variance in BLM or Air/Fuel is very small at a set temperature; 180 - 190 degrees, you'll see them going back and forth to -1 then +1 in the cells when you have a narrow range, and the EBL is already correcting for it without the Learn being needed anymore. It's only when you have the Learn set for a wide range, say 150 degrees to 190 degrees when you will see the cells going back and forth from say +10 back to -10, and that is because of the dense air, and that wide of a range will have you doing Learns constantly. So narrow it in to ten degrees above or below your target, depending on when you have your fans being triggered...

Mine is on the road, still naturally aspirated at the moment, but fast AF for what it is...

- Rob

I thought I could stump the EBL system with a very wicked camshaft design....

The EBL responded; "HA! Krom laughs at your custom camshaft".... :D

- Rob

Was working on the mid to upper 5000-RPM range for the VE Learn the last couple of days, and with this exhaust system it draws a lot of attention lol, but it's finally done. Was working on Launch Mode and Acceleration Enrichment today, and I got it to hook very decently off idle without spinning the tires, though I had to max it at 75% TPS with my foot, because any more than that would have spun them for sure. Drag Radials eventually ftw. On engine without boost, duty cycle and 1/4 mile analysis is showing low 13's with a horrific 2.0+ second sixty foot, and if I can get this thing to give me a 12 second et at the track before the turbo goes back on I will be one happy camper... :)

- Rob

Rob, sounds great! I redid the lens, got them good. The wbo2 reads nice, blms and int are good. I've since put the ta-49 on and the alky. I haven't really drove it. Right before kirbans open house, I had to put a spare transmission in it.

I also replaced the new highway stars compressor, it was leaking oil and out of warranty.

Eastwood has the season ending show in a week, so if there is no rain, it'll be there.

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Engine is dialed in, I just raised the fast idle screw to widen the stepper range a bit more, and I'm thinking maybe bring total timing in a tad earlier after I just took a look at it now after uploading, but damn, she freaking pulls. Damn engine wants the turbo back on so bad, that the MAP is already reading 102-kPa lol. Dedicating this weekend to wrapping up the turbo install, as well as another torque converter I just picked up. Gonna feel like a damn time warp before 3000-RPM when all is said and done... :D

- Rob


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Forgive the audio guys, it's an open downpipe in an enclosed garage at the moment, so you can hear the camshaft overlap and valve-train echoing big time lol. She'll be back on the road soon, just waiting on some ordered goodies to get here....

- Rob

When I enable EscTt - Enable malfunction test of knock sensor connection, I get a SES light.
Should this flag be set or not ?
Not when using the stock turbo Buick knock sensor and external filter. As you found that will cause code 43.

This test when enabled measures the resistance of the knock sensor. It requires an internal knock filter and a 3.9K ohm knock sensor (not the stock one @ 100K ohm). By measuring the resistance of the knock sensor the ECM is checking that the sensor and wiring between it and the ECM is good.

Note that it also requires that the knock sensor input to the ECM is on a different terminal/pin.

Watching your video it is likely a good idea to run open loop idle. That will help prevent surging from proportional gains. Set this flag:

Option Word 1 - Bit 2 - OpIdl

Thanks, I like the system alot.
I turned the key and the system started right up :giggle:
Just rebuilt the transmission, and finally got it back on road, gonna do a few logs and dial it in with the alky.

Made it to a car show also.

Alky tune came in nice, finished up the nitrous purge and bottle install over the winter. Then time to tune that! Videos on my Instagram and YouTube.