EGT for 1/8 mile


May 25, 2001
Hello Members,
I just hooked up my Egt meter and plan on running tonite at the track. Since our track is only 1/8 mile I was wondering what type of numbers to look for in high gear. The probe is located under the turbo adjacent the O2. Probe is a Westach. Chip/timing is 20*and using C-12 fuel. Also what should the Egt be if running a 26* race chip?
Thanks Tom :)
Egt for the 8th

Does anyone run 1/8 mile and tune with EGT? Please I need some help before tonite.
I run 1/8 mile all the time , but I can't tell you what my EGT is. It's over to quick for me to look. Even though my gage does have a recall on it. I mostly go by my knock gage.

Good luck
Good Luck!

Good luck with the run. Let me know how it goes. Has Decker got the nerve to race you yet?:confused:
i have noticed that the EGT'S start to climb once you get about 90mph-
so then i guess you cant get a real estimate where to tune it, unless you keep going the other 1/8th of a mile-
dont try and tune it for 1550 in the 1/8 th
cause then if you run it out on the highway racing someone, you would more than likely burn up your motor--
get the alky kit-- i love it:)
just what ive seen in driving a few toys here and there
egt doesn't mean much in the 1/8 because the engine is never loaded.....if you want to go fast, tune for a higher egt in the 1/8...just don't forget to back it down afterward!