engine breaks up at 15psi of boost



i am at the end of my rope with tps! at 15 psi my car breaks up at about 3500-4000 rpms. i have replaced the coil and moduel, new 62 mm tb, new vac lines, boost acuator, new te 60 turbo , thdp, new 42 lbs injectors, reds 42 lb 100 oct chip,new wires, new plugs, new walbor 340 pump w/hot wire kit, new boost solenoid, new IAC. IF YOU HAVE HAD THIS PROBLEM PLEASE LET ME IF YOU HAVE FIGURED IT OUT.

Had a simular problem with my son/s car. Only took a year to find it. ( I/m a little slow ) Had a bad connection at the crank sensor. Vibration had caused the female part of the connector to open up. Good luck
hmmm..."vibration caused the female part to open up"
I'll have to make a note of this!
Years ago, I tried running Splitfire plugs, and they idled great, but broke up between 3500 and 4000, went through three sets before switching back to delcos.
Mine did it for a year until I closed the gap down to .030. Mine was more boost dependant than rpm but occasionally it would break up at high rpm with low boost. If your problem only occurs at high rpm regardless of boost level the valve springs might need replacing.