Establishing Idle

I would be interested in the MAF numbers, but wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t calibrated for a turbo motor.
Kirbans sells the only factory style MAF sensor calibrated for our cars, AC Delco and parts store Remans are hit or miss, 9 out of 10 times it’s a miss.
I'm starting to get my head around this a little better.

I'm seeing that the minimum requirements for troubleshooting these engines are:

- Scan tool
- A means to observe fuel pressure from the driver's seat
- A means to observe boost from the driver's seat

Once I get the Scanmaster installed, I'll report back the values that are being generated and we'll go from there. As far as what is adjustable by me, I see IAC counts and TPS voltages at idle and WOT. Is there anything else I can try to bring into range prior to reporting the first numbers?


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I thought it was an adjustable fpr. You can still check the fuel pressure to make sure the regulator is working.

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Have you triple checked the ground wires ? Cam sensor set right? Crank sensor set right? Is your map sensor reading correctly?


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Fuel pressure from drives seat is nice but not real important,as long as it is 42 our close to it whenever the vacuum line is off and goes down when installed
I have a good MAS and fuel pressure regulator I can lone when you get there. Again put the throttle blade about where it was and reset TPS
Have you triple checked the ground wires ? Cam sensor set right? Crank sensor set right? Is your map sensor reading correctly?
Very confident with the grounds. It's a new build, and the grounds are very solid off a threaded stud at rear of engine. The Ron Francis kit requires a solid engine ground, and distributes that ground for most functions.

Cam sensor was set with the Casper's cam tool to their procedure. The LED illuminated as per the instructions, after balancer was set to 25 deg ATDC. If you rotate the cam sensor until the LED just comes on, it's set right, correct?

I checked the crank sensor again just now. The reluctor travels in the second slot (farthest from the connector), and appears to be dead center on all 3 reluctor blades.

There is no MAP sensor in my application, since this is a hybrid installation. It's my understanding the MAP sensor is for the stock boost gauge only, and is not fed to the ECM nor is it ECM controlled. The Ron Francis kit does not use the MAP sensor.
I got my Scanmaster today and was able to obtain some readings. As suggested, I put the throttle blade to about 1 1/2 threads showing and reset TPS. Here are my readings:

TPS (set static with engine off) - 0.42 idle, 4.82 WOT
IAC - 92
O2 - 425
MAF - 5
L8 - 43
BAT - 13.9
INT - 128
BL - 150
CLT - 196
ATS - 94
R - 625
CC - 72
NAL - 13

No fuel pressure gauge, so I can't report fuel pressure yet. No codes, no leaks, fan turned on at ~200F

I absolutely cannot get the IAC count even in the area code of right. The lowest I can get this value is ~90, and the car barely idles in park at that number.

Fire away guys!


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O 2s are low 750-850 good
IAC high 10-20 good
BLM high. 128
MAL is 02 out of rang so you have a check engine light
I would guess injectors some leaking and one not working


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These thing stink any way but yes.i think you one our two dripping and one not firing 02s are low but you have a 02 code IAC is almost cold start position and should be 15 to 1600rpm. To much fuel someplace and not enough in other check the plugs some wet our black and some dusty brown or white
So injector faults make logical sense in this case, and the readout of the Scanmaster supports this, along with the symptoms (poor idle, heavy fuel smell in exhaust). I’ll check the plugs for an additional data point.

Anybody see anything else to check?