F.A.S.T Datalogger group purchase

Otto J

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May 31, 2001
I am setting up a F.A.S.T datalogger group purchase, as of 2006 NHRA is from what i have heard banning laptops in cars after the burnout.
So guys tuning fast system at the track this is a must.also no more forgeting to hit the laptop to record.

354 plus actual shipping

I would like to get 10 orders, if we get more than 10 i might be able to get a little more off

post here or email me to get i on it.

NHRA announces major rule changes for 2006

Computer use
"During competition, NHRA prohibits the use of a portable computer while the vehicle is in operation. Such items as a laptop, PDA, Palm Pilot, programmer, and the like may not be installed or located in a vehicle at any point beyond the staging-area ready line. All functions or values must be preset prior to this point."

right from NHRA website
You can put me down for one. You might want to post this in the Performance ECM section.
We will do them for $350 including shipping (ground to lower 48 states) on a individual basis, as long as I get at least 5 orders. Just give us a call.
After speaking with my supplier he is lowering the price to
340 shipped.You can save another $10 plus shipping costs

If i get 10 orders he will go 325

I sort of see where this thread is headed :rolleyes:

Not a good thing for sure!........Hate to see any Dealers/Distributors put into this type of thread situation.

Otto &/or Injection Connection..... Instead of argueing.. why not just post in the "Advertisers" section your Special pricing offering for the Data Logger Box....either individually or minimum # orders (Group Purchase) required?

Give the fellows a good "Holiday Special Price", but also recognize your responsiblity as a FAST Dealer/Distributor.

Joe i am not a dealer but am trying to set up a group purchase to save people a few bucks,I am posting pricing they gave me to get the price
So i cant post in advertiser section
With the BS3 you get the internal data logging that can be set to turn on at any given TPS %. You can also get external data logging. This is one of the main reasons I went with the BS3. What does this data logging equipment have on top of what is available within the BS3? Would it also include EGT monitoring?
What is the price of a sequential bs3 with wb 02

Well I'm not sure what they sell for. I got mine through a local dealer for a really good price and it had what I needed. I was asking because I might want to piggy back a data logger for other things on the car.
how many things is the big stuff capable of recording at 1 time?

I pulled my book out to see for sure and this is what it states:
"The internal data logging is called Replay and it can sample 52 channels of data 50 times per second without the need for a laptop in the car."

I don't think it can log six EGT inputs though..That is what I am interested in.
i will be doing a group purchase on the egt setup shortly for the xfi,if big stuff has analog input capability of atleast 6 channels it may work for you also