Factory Rad Hose Clamps (two strap vs. notched band)?


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May 25, 2005
Anyone know a source to get the original style dual "wire" hose clamps? My upper rad hose was changed to the normal single fat band style with the notches, and I want to return to original. Can't find anywhere.

I just Yahoo'd "wire hose clamp" and found all kinds of them?

The other clamp type you're referring to is a worm clamp.

If you want the exact clamps you might try Brian at GBody...

Good luck.

I'll have to google them when I get the chance. I've been hoarding used ones from the boneyards. The black ones off the turbo hose clamps on a turbo'd Sunbird are a good source but than they aren't the correct silver. The silver ones are usually rusty. I wonder if the imports might be worth looking into. I can remember my old 240Z having nothing but them on it.