FAST XFI base files


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Dec 18, 2012
Does anyone have any base tuning files for FAST Xfi for close to this combo:

87 GN
Champion heads
FAST 95 lb hr injectors

Thanks in advance.
what fuel matters as does what version of XFI you have
you just need something to start with

if it was on a buick v6 the program in it may start as is but you can adjust for your needs

check the operational params and check the fuel params . adjust fopr your injectors
make sure the correct ignition is chosen (for stockignition thats buick DIS and set 10 base)
since you plan to tune yourself just work the tables for what you need and let the car tell you what it needs
The point is, the guy is asking for help.
He is not asking for people to ask him where he got his xfi from and then to call that person because no one else is willing to help since they did not sell to him.....
I am not directing this to anyone, i'm just sayin'!
I'm "just sayin", too.... 10 posts in response to the OP .. He's yet to answer the "where" ??, the version ?. Could it be, that the seller has a program he can email him? Could it be, there's a program already in the ECM? [If it was purchased from a Buick tuner/owner/etc.]

Another ?? Is there even a program in the unit??
That is why you buy from a person who takes care of his customers. And I feel Cal always gives customer support above and beyond my expectations. Some people try to save a few bucks but get no support with it or next to none. And I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. And he is a supporting vendor.
Wish I bought my FAST XFI from Cal. Bought from a vendor on this site but the 'help' I get from the vendor makes my car run worse!
Sorry Otto closed up - he knew his stuff...........
I'm sure if your really stuck Cal will still help you out.......
You're 100% correct Norbs. I try and help when I can with general tech questions and minor tuning stuff. You have been a big help there in taking up the slack for me. I have an agreement with FAST to offer tech support at all NHRA, NMCA and NMRA races I attend regardless of where the system was bought. We also offer a "tech support package" for those who bought their system elsewhere and want the same customer support we give to our customers. We even have a cheaper package for those that just want me to create a start up program and get them running.