Felpro 1200 Head porting??????

Can you use a Felpro 1200 and not cut into the push rod openings on stock 8445 heads? I marked it all out on the head and it looks really close. Some insight would be great. Thanks Scott
I think I might just go in 1/2" or evn les and then blend it, this will hopefully solve the problem and also will help to keep the velocity up. Chime in with any ideas. Thanks Scott
No. The intake ports will not allow you to open them up to a 1200 port size with-out breaking into the pushrod hole. No problem, though. Just JB weld in some brass tubing, and open the port up to the brass tubing. Hobby shops carry the brass tubing in the exact size you will need. There are two sizes you will need. If you install roller rockers, you can install smaller tubes in the larger holes (by taking up the space with JB weld) You can also just take the port out and leave a .050" wall thickness and be OK. The push rod pinch is not the choke point of the head. The valve bowl and the valve size is the choke point. However, increasing the port volume is good thing on a turbo head, IF you don't adversly effect low lift flow. It's a balancing act. Good luck.