Flashing 3rd Brake Light


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Here's a quickie mod that you can do to help keep inattentive drivers from running in to the back of your pride and joy.

The flasher module is programmable so you can tailor it to how you prefer it to flash. I like 2 or 3 flashes before steady. Other modules are preset and flash too much IMO. I'm not trying to annoy the guy behind me, just get his attention for a moment. There are several parameters you can set, including one that has a delay for repeat braking. Such as if your in stop and go traffic. (see video- a 2nd push right after applying keeps it from flashing)

The module is tiny, and fits inside the light housing. Simply tap into the 12+ and ground.

Anyway, this is the module i bought:

and this is the RED LED that i bought:

Here it is in action.