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Aug 14, 2004
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If you ever plan on running E85, I would take a look at this thread I wrote up. It can help you calculate how much fuel injector you need, at what duty cycle, how much pump you need, and what your pump will flow at different voltages: http://www.turbobuick.com/threads/the-what-size-injectors-fuel-pump-do-i-need-reference-thread.448837/

As for a pump selection, I prefer to go on the larger side just in case I ever want to switch to full methanol. I'll be running E85 to start with, and a fuel pump controller to help prevent heating the fuel.

Whatever you do, make sure you pick a good filter to prevent any pressure increases.

Weldon 2345A and flow sheet from Kinsler Fuel Injection:

Weldon 14000 Controller:

Fuel Filter comparison of Kinsler's smallest filter vs. Aeromotive -10AN inline filter:

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I want to do the same thing except that i want each pump to have their individual lines coming out of the tank.
That is possible you would just have to modify your fuel pump hanger . I wish I would have done that then use a AN Y fitting to merge them on the outside of the tank .
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