full length & shorty console riser cup holders 13 days of free shipping! ends 8/31


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May 24, 2001
With the over whelming success we have had with the full length & shorty console riser cup holders we wanted to give people a chance who couldn't make it to the shows a chance for free shipping. We have never charged more for the 2 tone gray & black units & will not start now. The manufacturers actually do so don't get up set with the other vendors that charge $10.00 more. We just like keeping it simple.

Full length, shorty , 2 tone it doesn't matter $119.95 to your door in the lower 48. So if you are in the continental U.S. & for one reason or another couldn't make it to any of the shows, here is 13 days of August to get it. You can call it in or order on line. This ends 8/31/11 at 12 midnight.

For all others outside the continetal U.S. shoot me your zip code & we will knock off the shipping costs we would charge for these in the continental U.S. We can also ship USPS to save on duty fees. This should cut your normal shipping in half.

During check out it will charge for the shipping. This doesn't include you though ;) Credit cards will not be charged shipping for the consoles. If you use pay pal we will refund shipping. Also anything we can throw in the box with the console riser cup holders will ship for free as well. No smart azz whay can't you ship fiberglass bumpers in the same box comments please. Emblems, sensors etc. Things we can put in side the console.

Not sure what we are talking about here they are: GBodyParts.com Online

We have in stock
Black & gray
Sand color gray for my Hot air 83 T-type & 84 GN guys.