G-body parts a-arms


May 19, 2010
I bought a set of a-arms from Brian and mike at g-body parts, after talking to them I was under the impression that they would work no problem!!!! But comparing my stock arm to the tubular arm from Gbodyparts they do not look alike as far as where the ball joint sits...1)so are these upper a arms going to stress the upper ball joints.....2)are these a-arms going to work????

It's the $135 upper a-arms from g-body parts the same looking ones from highway stars that are $43 and advertised as circle track racing....I bought the Gbodyparts arms then found the other ones so now I need some experienced advise with these a-arms...thanks much tony
Hey Tony,
Upper Gbody upper arms fit with no problems went out and got Moog ball joints for them. Just make sure you keep your shims together when you swap them When I did mine I went and replaced the bottom control arm bushings and ball joints as well. Also make sure you have them facing in the right direction.
Good deal thanks Stefan that's what I needed to know!!!! Yes I replaced my lower bushings and installed new moog lower ball joints and bought new upper ball joints also...and yes I put the new uppers on and thought crap I put them on wrong so I flipped them and thought crap that's way off so I flipped them again;) I'm pretty sure this is the correct way.....thanks


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Ive installed several sets of those from gbodyparts.com.. Never had any issues fit good