Garrett TE-60 worth rebuild?


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Jun 6, 2001
I found a good oldschool TE-60 turbo that has no issues but seller suggested resealing since it's been sitting a number of years. My question is: Can this be rebuilt/modified to make "600hp" crank/500whp? I'm going to run a PTE "superstock" intercooler. I'm trying to keep the car as sleeper as possible. So I want a turbo that will fit under the stock shroud.
Absolutely you should be able to have it made into a bigger turbo, like a
TE45a which will get you well past your goal. BUT i'm not sure about TE series turbos fitting under the stock shield.
Not to hyjack but te 60 over a te 44 on mild street car with small converter?? Pros and cons??
TE-60 and a 70GTQ will fit under stock sheilds :D and ummm maybe even a 6768 ;) easy

I loved my TE-60 on a totally street car that i could an did drive anywhere i wanted and ran mid 11's an drove back home in other states.

My precision TE-60 is in the forsale section
I have an older TE-60 turbo on my car that sat for 6 years. It spools like crazy with the garret 63 housing, and it does indeed fit under the stock heat shield.
for what it would cost to rebuild and upgrade this unit you might as well just get the turbo you want.

rebuild that one and keep it as a TE-60

why do you need more than that?

I found a great deal on this one. It's a real Garrett for $250. It may have nothing wrong with it, but I figured it's cool to freshen it up. I'm going with a thdp and the superstock intercooler. If I get the turbo rebuilt/modified, what mods would be needed to get my 600hp goal? With the exception of the IC, I'm keeping my car "oldschool" which is why I'd want an old turbo vs. getting a new unit. I'll be running a Pat's 2800-3k stall convertor will that be ok?
turbo's dont generally need rebuilt from if seller is suggesting a freshen up,i would have it gone thru for 250. thats way cheap i think. As for that at the wheels or crank?...either way,always look first to be sure your basics are covered ie; scanmaster readings..basic tune-up items to start,coil pack output,go over all vacuum lines/hoses,as well as known good valve springs. Then fuel needs are an absolute must.. 60lb. injectors,at least,... a denso or bosch hot wired fuel pump,an adjustable f/press.regulator an adjustable waste gate for the t-60,a decent 3"downpipe, and exh.system,a new ecm chip and at this point,a rich girlfriend or wife is a big help! And then you need to read up on all the tuning info available here at this site ..then you may be ready for the best bang for the buck...alcohol injection..this will allow you to turn boost up past the 15-17 range (that you will be stuck at because of basic pump gas) or else it will knock and blow head gaskets without question...but the alky will let you run stupid amounts of boost and you car will be a blast and a starts at 25 lbs boost! and dont forget the tires...all told you may want to gather funds least or 4 to 5g's sounds about right.