Gen Z has taken over football.

Wasn't exactly for the weather.... weather related, yes. There is several feet of snow in the stadium...
Why they let the stadium get to this is beyond me but...
It had nothing to do with the teams , the Ny Govenor declared a state of emergency so the roads were shut down in the area . My kids have season tickets and were ready to go !! There is a video of the fans shoveling the stadium seats into a trough running down to the field and a guy with no shirt jumps in it and rides it down to push the snow down to bottom !!
I'm on the north shore of Lake Ontario. If the wind comes out of the south, which doesn't happen often, we get lake effect snow. It's nothing for it to pile up at an inch an hour or more. Buffalo gets the same thing...and that's why the stadium looks like it does. They can't keep up with it, so they literally have to wait for it to stop. When we get lake effect snow I'm out every hour shoveling to keep up with it. It can get to the point where the piles get so high you don't know where to throw it.
Yes, I have a large snow blower. The problem is if the temp is around the freezing mark and the humidity is high, the snow is so wet/slushy it constantly clogs up.