Gnx #107??

$10,400, 1987 Buick Grand National GNX 107
posted: December 12, 2010, 02:48 PM

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This GNX is #107 out of a total of 547, a real documented GNX with paper work, approx 180K miles. All numbers verified by the GNX Registry. This is a 3 owner car. All mechanicals work even the antenna and a/c blows cold. Interior is in excellent condition. I have the ceramic turbo and heat shield not pictured. The car does have body rust, floor pans are solid, fenders, and door panels have rust bubbles, rt rear quarter panel has small hole which is covered by body tape see pic. The good news is that now even the average person can buy a GNX. It may take some TLC but it is a real GNX. This car will do nothing but appreciate. Take a HEMI Cuda for example once restored miles don't matter. The motor was built prior to my purchase of the car. Here are the details: rebulit @153k miles, GM replacement short block (109) , 200/ 200 roller cam, heads and intake ported, , TA 60 turbo, other mods double pumper in the tank, in 2004 a/c (compressor, lines, and dryer) replaced, new power master and brakes. Only 547 GNX's were built in 1987, it's only year built. As with most muscle cars during the last few years, prices have increased dramatically. Just turning 20 years old this year, the GNX is the ONLY car built in the 80's that has the highest chance of bringing 7 figures in the near future. Drive it the way it is and then restore it when you are ready to cash in. With most GNX's in the hands of private collectors for the past 20 years, the GNX is a car you really never see for sale. And when you do, those low mileage museum pieces are bringing over $100k in today's market. As you can see below, this GNX 107 is somewhere between Low & Average Retail. My first car in High School was a 1982 Buick Regal Limited Coupe. Back then I had always lusted after the Grand National and the TOP DOG Buick GNX. I do remember when the GNX came out, no one could buy one and if you could find one, it was marked up 2, even 3 times its sticker price. 547 were made, something like 525 were only sold to the public as GM kept some in their corporate holding spot. And over the past 20 years, some have been "totalled" by accidents & unfortunately some have been stolen and shipped out of the USA. So the POOL of GNX's actually out there is most likely below 500.
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If it's a real GNX and not a tag job or what ever it's a phenomenal deal regardless if it's matching numbers or not. The car definitely has some Issues but than again my car has 25K miles and is not perfect. Like I said if it's real it doesn't matter and I'm not trying to rip this car apart at all but just looking at the photos in the ad I see some minor thing that really don't mean a lot but worth noting. The gnx emblem in the rear is on the wrong side and there's strip door moldings. thanks
Would a grand national/t type have a code on the trunk sticker for factory door protector strip moldings or where they a dealer option?
I'm up to 16 e-mails with this guy. He REALLY wants my money. All he has to do is provide a VIN....and he won't.
Says he is stationed in Jersey on the base, car is with him. If you google his name you can find a photo of the man who's identity is being used here.

Then he e-mailed someone else with an alias - same day - saying the car is in Anchorage.

Sorry for mailing you so late!
I'm glad that you're interested in my car.The car is in good condition, has no technical damages at all, no scratches or dents,no hidden defects.The car has been looked after very well - washed and cleaned every two weeks. The bodywork is regularly waxed and polished. The interior is in virtually spotless condition. The seats are clean and not torn. The exterior is in excellent condition,tires are in good shape, brakes work well and the car provides very good fuel economy. The car is street legal and accurate. It comes with all the documents needed for registration, it has a clear title and it can be registered into your name at any time.I`m non smoker and the car looks like a new one.. There are no known problems with the car as far as I know.

The total price is $10,400‏‏ including shipping and delivery taxes to your address.


If you are decided we are going to have a safe deal.

Please get back to me to explain you more.

I`m waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Thank you!
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