Going Megasquirt

I hear ya! It's been in the 50's the last couple days here so i'm really itching to get going. Blackturbocar was going to email me his wiring diagram that he used to help get me started.

I wish you guys knew how excited I am about getting the MS to work on the Buick!!! It's icing on the cake that you're using MS3 so I won't have to deal with the stupid serial adapter and all that too.
I would send out my schematics but i have refined them and im not sure anyone but me would understand them right now! LOL

I know where you're coming from. Mine are usually hand scratched notes with lines and side comments.... Yeah. Now way could anyone cypher that crap.

For now i'm hoping to here from BlackTurbo about his wiring/jumpers, etc.
Any updates on yours? I'm interested as to how you set up your cam sensor and coils.

What are you doing on the Install, that would have you not just control the CCCI with the squirt.


I have MS1, MS2, and MS3s all hooked this way on T.R.s and it works great, even firing high boost and E85.

Haven't tried yet,but eventually the cam output from that diagram could be hooked to the MS3x board and then you could start running the injectors sequentially off of the MS3x board.

And hook it all up with this breakout board,that wasn't available when I did mine.


I actually designed and installed my own BreakOut board for the installs before that was available. I think the DIYautotune board is better than the one I made but mine has the ablity to be installed in the Factory case.




Looks good atomic 6 how log have you been running on it? I have just finished wiring the new adaptor setup using the breakout board. I have the electronic boost control all set up and tested along with it wired for LSx CNP ignition. It should work great and the price was right FREE! lol I had some 5.3 coils and brackets laying around so i just wired them up it was really easy. I will also be building my own upper intake with an LSx throttle body, IAC, and TPS. Compatability is why MS3 on my car will rock! Now it just needs to be fast! ;)

So lets review what i have for benefits so far over the stock ECM:
-SFI with individual injector trim
-LSx CNP ignition with individual coil timing trim
-Electronic Boost Control, w/launch boost control and launch boost timing
-2/3-Step using spark and/or fuel cut
-WB closed loop correction, and auto VE tuning
-Still Plug and Play
-Multiple Table switching
-Flex fuel capabilities
-The ability to use any engine's electrical parts

I have right around $550 in this whole setup, i cant wait for this snow to go away, a guy on the MS forums with a Series 2 has been up and running on sequential for quite some time now, and i cant wait to get out to do some tuning on mine.

But for now here are some picture of the new stuff, the one smaller breakouts are for multiple extra inputs and outputs i have configured for tableswitch, TCC and on.. the other little yellow harness is for CNP ignition control.


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I really like that setup the they put together, I just wish it could be put in the stock ecm location. I haven't tried, but I think it will be too big.

I am a big fan of the squirt and the communtity around it,I have been for a while. Not as long as I have been on here, but nearly...
That is one of the reasons Jerry(DIYautotune) gave us alot of the electronics for the TurboFairmont we got in HOT ROD, and won with on DragWeek in '07.

But some of the stuff you have posted for the squirt is still a work in progress.
I.E. the flex fuel was broken in all but the latest firmware, and we can't control the Fuelab pump PWM yet because the frequency is wrong.

A hint on yours, you will probably want to ditch that 2.5 bar sensor, in your pictures, right now if you haven't already. As someone once said,the fun don't begin untill 30 lbs of boost.

BTW,which wideband sensor are you running, I have started to move to the AFX widebands, and they are a little tricky to setup on the squirt, but you get a real NTK sensor, with them.

On my install,

I took one of the TRs that I put a squirt in(msII), and made the setup in the pics, to do testing on the MS3 last year.The long cable is so I can locate the squirt under the pass. seat "ala FastTrack accel gen 7 PNP"
This one now has the ms3x board, and I have yet to put it in a regal with the new 3x board. It ran fine in the "legacy mode" on the ms3 in march/april 2010,this was because we could not get the 3x boards so that was not tested last year.
This year, after the snow goes away, I may play with the coil on plug, but that is down on the list as I have alot to do, and these cars are running and making great power the way they are.

I was at bowling green (GS nationals)this year with some friends, one them won Razor's alky class, one of his cars may get it this year, or after I switch my GN to lsx power, the old Ruggles engine,I take out, may go in a '81 capri to take to Noble this year.

Who is everybody on the MSextra forums, I am Atomicsix on there, just like here. I will keep a lookout to help with problems, if possible.
Im GNdan in the MS forums, also i will be using 2 tunes as of right now for E85/93. Im using an Innovate wideband in my car.

Dan, hurry up and finish this up so you can help me 'Squirt my 6.0....I want the 2 step and boost control.

Consider it payment for all those LS parts you ganked from my garage and basement :D
Jeff im working on it, but to finish some odds and ends first like the Powerstroke intercooler i'll need to borrow your plasma! ;)

I have another picture attached of my modded LSx brackets and all the wiring pretty well done all plug and play!

I feel in the next week or so i will be running the engine as intended if everything works out with the CNP ignition.



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:cool:So great news men and women the GN has 50 miles on it of megasquirt 3 greatness! I am running very mild timing 16* and 16Psi while dialing the VE in. Personally i feel the idle is much smoother than the stock ECM atleast my stock ECM. I have made several pulls now and it feels very strong. Since im in Peoria, IL its only 45* out but i bought a new pair of M/T ET Street Radials and had to drive it into town to have them mounted, well i didnt have to but i chose to because the roads are clear and ill be driving it to work tommorow. Now that i have it up and going i will most likely use it like a daily driver when i can as i will have more data logging time for fine tuning.

So im here to justify that megasquirt can be done and it will work very well!

The coil on plug is working? awesome.

Are you going to do a write up on MSextra.

can you post up your msq here or on MSextra.

any progress on runnin a flex fuel set up on the megasquirt ?I think i read that from mega 3 on it was possible?
I guess you can just have 2 tunes in and switch back and forth ?
hold on there a bit guys I just got the car on the road. the CNP is not or and spark cut 2 step works fine with DIS. also tableswitching is very simple but since i have bearly driven it i have not uused any ethanol yet but once i get cought up will be one of the first things i do.
any progress on runnin a flex fuel set up on the megasquirt ?I think i read that from mega 3 on it was possible?
I guess you can just have 2 tunes in and switch back and forth ?

Without a flex fuel sensor, that would only work if you drained the tank completly.

Daniel: Did you say you had the 2 step working? I would be interested in knowing how it is doing it. Hopefully not just cutting the EST signal.
Yes i do have the spark cut 2 step working with DIS, it is cutting 5 of 7 ignition events. I am imagining that it is cutting the EST signal for the ignition event. what is that down side of that? either way ill be going to direct coil soon. I have my VE tables almost completely dialed in now. just some real fine tuning left then ill be able to mess with all that stuff along with setting the other tables for E85.

Interupting the EST is NOT the way to do it. Once you do this, all the following cylinders will be firing at the wrong time until the cam sensor brings them back in line. This is why we don't use the 2-steps on the other aftermarket engine management systems with the stock CCCI. The Bailey 2-step and MSD DIS4 get around this by leaving the EST alone.
Thanks cal, ill keep that in mind. I guess no more of that until i go to individual coil IGN. So the only way to do it would be to cut the current inbetween the module and coils? Also the update at the moment is that i have 300 miles on MS3 and it is running flawless! With the autotuning VE tables and the ability adjust everything along with using Closed Loop Speed Density the car is running better than it ever has.

Well all, MS3 has been up and going in my car for about 2500 miles now and I will ne road tripping the car next weekend. Bob has been up on SFI and has reported his car running very well. I will be going from B2B to sfi soon and starting my COP setup.

Thanks, Dan
Good to hear its working good. Do you have the sequential fueling set up?

I'm planning to build a V3.0 with ms3x here in about a month. Between all of the electronics I have including chip, maf, maf translator, powerlogger, it would have been way cheaper and better to go megasquirt. Especially if I was to go and spend another $200 on a 2 step.

Have you been able to dial in the car much?