Going rate for freshening 2004R?


I know for sure it needs clutches because the t.v. cable came off. I am not sure what's in it but I know it's built, by who I don't know. I ran this behind my faster car in with a NLU and transbrake. I just like the way it shifts at part throttle, smooth and deliberate and best of all WOT @6300 without me having to shift it manually :D.
2K up! Lots of good trans vendors on this board. Can't go wrong with one of them....
2K up for a tranny to be freshened :( I hope you are kidding. This tranny came from behind my 9 second car.
Marc,if you are looking for someone local to just freshen it. Try Mike @ Automatic Specailties in Virginia Beach. As long as it has the proper hard part etc no need to send it off. Mike is very particular,good trans shop.
Steve, thanks! There shouldn't be anything broke in it, I hope. I don't want anything changed except the clutches, unless it needs to be replaced. It ran fine for almost 2 years w/NLU.
for a job like that we charge $300.00. to 450.00 .this includes all clutches ,steels,band,any worn bushings ,washers,gaskets ,filter.ant hard parts are additional (ie direct clutch drum).a local shop should have no trouble doing that for you.

That sounds more like it :D. I just don't trust just anybody with my tranny's. I have too many bad experiences with local rebuilds. I will check with the guy Steve mentioned to see what he says.
Marc,his number is 498-0133. He knows me,helped me learn about these trannys 3 years ago!