GPS input for gift????


Yo Baby Daddy
Oct 1, 2007
Tom Tom, Magellan???????

Looking for one for the wife, What do you recommend????

I have a Garmin Nuvi, bought it at Cabela's for $139 and works like a champ.
I recommend...


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bought a tom tom for myself a while back and my mother bought one for my daughter for christmas. Its just nice to not have to look at a map while driving lol. They will not always take you the way you want to go and sometimes thur places you do NOT want to be either !
I use my HTC evo Droid,its the only nav I know about that you tell it where you want to go and it actually shows you a picture of the house when you pull up..its also my radio and music player in my car(no installed radio at all) and its amplified and running 2 12 inch subs..its also my laptop and my headsup speed display..o ya its a phone ;)