Grand National w/shaft mounted rockers


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Jan 19, 2013
Hey guys im new to the Buick Grand National stuff and came across a motor at an auction and well I had to buy it. Now im trying to figure out what this motor is all about. Here are some things I CAN tell you about motor. 4 bolt main caps -bearings are brand new. Aftermarket crank and rods. GN-1 aluminum heads with shaft mounted rocker arms. Its has an aluminum intake but no carb or fuel injection on it.Just trying to figure out what this motor would have been built for, and what I need to put some fuel to it.
Can you post pictures with only one post? Does the block Have the Power 6 cast into it on the sides?
Yea ill take some pics on Monday when I'm at the shop. Not sure about the Power 6 I will check for that.
I paid a pretty penny for it. I would kind of like to find a value of this motor and figure out what to do with it
Well looks like its a 109 casting turbo regal block. With seeing the balancer and flexplate I assume it had a forged crankshaft also. No girdle, and the stock intake has been ported. Got any more pics of it? Shine a light down into the intake ports and get a pic. exhaust too. Looking to see if they are ported or as cast aftermarket heads. Pull a valve cover and snap a picture also. I will give you my opinion of what is worth. From all you show me. Not looking to buy it it so don't worry about me low balling ya LOL!
4 bolt mains would mean a stage block.

Perhaps you could post some pics of the side of the block, and the casting number.

TabooDzine said:
I can take the pan off and take a pic also It has 4 bolt mains

How do you know it has 4 bolt mains? I see RJC deep pan, aftermarket heads and valve covers, balancer, maybe a HV water pump? Curious to see under the pan.
those are stock style T+D roller rockers on champion GN1 aluminum heads
nice but nothing special like a jessel setup or a scorpion individual chevy style shaft rocker .
that style rocker assembly is typical of 8 bolt heads, you could even run stock buick rockers on that head
Pull the pan and take some pictures. Rods, crank, and the debate over what the mains are will be settled. Looks like a nice long block for a street car so far. Any paperwork, cam card, names, or anything of that sort? Maybe the area it came from? It could be worth more in pieces to you than complete depending on what you paid. You still will need a substantial amount of money in parts to complete the build if you don't have a Turbo Regal with a bunch of bolt on's already.