Green monster in my oil


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Jan 23, 2010
I took off my valve covers, i see a mixture of greenage one side and yellow or drivers side WTF@$%#

My last attempt to maintain this engine. I had wanted to wait on the 4.1 build or atleast build up my spare 20bolt.

Im guessing this motor is done?? atleast in the sense of build up my spare instead of tear this 14bolt down
is it losing coolant? is the oil level on the dipstick going up and does the oil look milky?
if not, it might just be condensation if the car never gets driven enough to get up to temp.. running a 160 thermostat can also cause this to be worse during the colder months, and cast aluminum valve covers that shed heat more efficiently than stamped steel valve covers also make this happen, as well.
ITS bright GREEN, the other side is yellowish. Its not loosing coolant that i can tell, oil level seems ok, i came back inside for the day. Ill snap a pic, and check the oil level again. Last time it was running for 2mins, was when i had the wrong MAF onit, I made a mistake( i was told) used a FWD mass air flow sensor, now i got the 5.3 maf. I was gonna wire up everything, get her running.

I was just about to RTV up the return gromet and valve covers, i just stopped in my tracks when i saw bright green,lots of it. Also, one rockers, i can wiggle, some i can't is this normal?................side note Im gonna make a trip to vegas( few months) , I would have liked to have taken this car on a road trip, butnow if i did drive i would rather take my 454 GMC van haha
Just wondering how coolant got to the top of the heads unless you have a crack in the valve spring area. If you haven't driven the car for a while your lifters may have pumped down some.
i have no idea buddy, this engine just seems like it wants to be left alone, you know me, i cant leave it like that. Either, get some use out of it, or put it to rest with a .50 hand cannon

i swear this motor has not been running for a good while, ive been busy with trying to move to cali, buying a home maybe. family ....this car was gonna be my daily in cali if i moved. Its a bad sign i guess!!!!! damn it

also i meant, most of the rockeres i can wiggle a good amount, some a stuck, guess this is normal.
Well I'd say run it for a little while and get it warm first of all, but make sure everything is full first of all. Take the pics before you do though.
sorry i havnet posted up pics, been out and about with a gal:cool:

ok lets do this thing, pics will be taken and charlie, it will be full and run just to see whats up. lost faith for a bit but guess we all do at one point......or maybe a few times;)
sorry i havnet posted up pics, been out and about with a gal:cool:

ok lets do this thing, pics will be taken and charlie, it will be full and run just to see whats up. lost faith for a bit but guess we all do at one point......or maybe a few times;)

LOL No problem bud.:) At least you haven't had a car fall on you.:eek:

I've lost my "faith" several times but it always seems to come back for some reason.:cool::biggrin:

Add some UV dye to the coolant and get a black light as well. This may help you track down what's going on.:smile:








bad right??? or do i have to ask?
That looks like a lot. I was going to suggest it may be seeping past head bolt threads. If that was the case a few Barrs Leak tabs would do the trick. Probably could not hurt at this point.
i think the car made itself sick, so ican slap on ported heads but this is just me :rolleyes:

ill see what I can do,atleast give it a shot, if not, i plan to .......just bite the bullet buy a eco car(4cyl something sedan) for cali and leave buick betty behind until later, hope i can get it to work. I would love to take this car to cali.
Sure looks like antifreeze bud. I think Mark is right about the head bolts. Get some of the GM tablets and put then in it.
where do i get these tablets? how many do i take? i think i need more cowbell but thats me;)

guessing any autoparts store, about the head bolts, how hard is it to just replaced head and intake gaskets myself? Guessing it would be a cherry picker deal , also where can i get the arp head bolt kit?
You can get the tablets at any GM dealer. Crush them up and put them in the radiator is all you need to do.

Get hold of Mike at fullthrottle and he can set you up with the ARP hardware.
Back! well been back for few days now.

I went to cali with a friend after all but only for two days turned into a week.. Saw vence beach, vandura and surrounding areas.

I saw a Grey T-type .......and a NA regal at some sushi place off the THE highway,really good sushi place, small but good. Im gonna try to fix this car, drive it over there to have, maybe even sell up there.

I'm be getting those tablets from gm but i'm thinking just to get APR bolts, redo the intake gasket, head gaskets also. I'm thinking it would sell better over then then here, if i did sell it.