Halo 3 sept 25


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I know I'm not the only Halo nerd on here(I hope:biggrin: )

XBL tag is Coblers post yours and we can be kickin azz with class;)
For those who don't know there will be online co-op play. We can finally take on the Covie's with a buddy.:cool:
no, your not alone me and my son have been waiting forever! We got ours pre-ordered the one that brings the helmet $125 bucks :eek: , but he's a good kid:rolleyes: , can't wait till they make the movie, you talk about a hit movie:eek: .
I you like other shooter games you should have no problem. Halo is faster paced and less tactical than most other first person shooters. I've been playing it for 7 years and I still enjoy it.
i had a choice the other day to pay back my loan to the bank for my new moser axles and ta rear cover, but i went and bought an elite xbox 360 and ordered halo 3 instead! after i play it for a couple of days imma get online and play. until then ill just be playing online halo 2 waitin.


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i really dont see the big deal about halo3. its the same as the other 2. i do however love rainbow six vegas.