Hard starting with smoke??

Dave Dunbar

Sep 10, 2012
I just have the basics, filter, air pipe, hotwire and 3 inch downpipe. I thought it was getting tired, maybe valve seals leaking so I had it rebuilt. Thought it could be leaking injectors so I had them checked and cleaned. I had the whole front clip off of it, cleaned and painted everything. Went over everything, new fuel pump and lines but this condition still exsists. When its cold it will fire with less than one rev. but once its warm it takes about 4 or 5 revs before it fires. Then gray smoke comes out the pipes that I guess is unburned fuel.
I get great fuel pressure at key up. The car runs strong once running.
My guess is a problem with the cam sensor. Any ideas? Its getting embarasing.
Does the fuel pressure stay up after turning the engine off? If not an injector or two could be leaking down filling the cylinders with fuel.

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A bad coil pack would show up when running the car hard. It would misfire and break up.

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I had the injectors cleaned and checked. I have a gauge on it and its lost 20psi in ten min. I'll do it again and pinch the lines.