Head gasket suggestions


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Feb 2, 2010
I popped a head gasket on my 87 t-type(stock turbo, Stock Intercooler, Meth 23 psi) this weekend. The car only has 12k miles on it and the head gaskets were stock. What should I replace them with?? My thoughts are ARP studs, Cometic gaskets, and while I'm in there port and polish the heads and maybe slide a little cam in there??/ Ideas??
Depends on how much money you want to spend and what your goals are. The last time I meant to replace an innocent set of head gaskets, after everything was said and done I had a roller cam, intercooler, larger turbo, meth, new torque converter, champion irons, etc. Boost addiction seems to grow exponentially.

For hardware, definatley go with either ARP studs or ARP bolts. I only have experience with stock style, but I think I will give RJC head gaskets a try next.
Thanks, RJC and stock GM seem to be in the lead. No new turbo at this time but will more than likely do a dutt neck.
I would say stock gasket, port the heads and upgrade the springs.

I would hold off on the cam and just check the pushrod length..