Headlight bulbs


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Aug 28, 2001
Whats the best bulb for the buck? Anyone use Cool Blues, the new Wagners, or Silver Stars? Its time for new low beams, since they're developing moisture inside. I wanna put something bright in there, but not some overpriced bulbs.

What are those clear looking sealed beams that I'm seeing in the older cars? They're like a crystal clear bulb with some kinda crazy thing inside them.
did cool blues on mine. much whiter. take one side out and replace it with the cool blue then leave the other side, you'll see a drastic difference. the silverstars are even whiter but more $$$
I put in Silver Stars - I got them on sale about 8 months ago at Auto Zone - $30 for the 4 lamps. There was a literal night and day difference compared to the 18 year old OEM lights that were still in the car.
Woah, what kinda sale was that?? I wish they would have it again. The Silverstars are about $30 bucks per bulb normal price! At least close to it.

I'm not sure if those are what I'm talking about or not. I cant figure out what those fancy clear beams are. I saw a picture of a TR that had them not too long ago on the net, and saw a pic of a '69 Camaro that had them in the old round style. Maybe they're the silverstars? I've never paid attention to see what they look like.
you may be thinking of h-4 conversion lenses. not a cost effective thing to o in my book, you'll have to rewire everything to stand up to the increased wattage. try the cool blues or silvertars if you can swing them, you'll be very happy.
I had the H1s and the H4s in my car until they got smashed at the dragstrip. They worked fine with the stock wiring. I could have probably gotten more out of a hotwire kit, but never got around to it. I did like the amount of light and the way they looked during the day. I might try a cheaper alternative this time around though.