Help! Casper's Ground Stretcher install


Maybe I'm dense, but I can't figure out from the small instruction sheet how I'm supposed to install this thing.

It sounded like a good idea when I bought it, but now...what a PITA.

Do I find the ground wires in the oval conduit? If so, where is the connection...or am I supposed to cut the wires...strip...crimp...and solder to the strecher connections?

I looked for the ground on the passenger cylinder head and I can only see it buy crawling under the car....blah!

The instructions make it sound like a no brainer.....

I'm going to change the plugs now....hopefully someone will post and set me straight by the time I'm done changing the plugs.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

(I may have a cheap Casper's ground kit for sale soon)

Another quick question....looked on gnttype but couldn't find it....

What should the resistance of the plug wires be? I'm getting between 500-650 ohms.

Thanks again,
I don't have a caspers kit and have never seen the instructions, basicaly made my own and bolted all the connectors together and ran 10ga wire to the front fender grnd right at the battery.

Anyway, the top set of grounds on the head can be gotten to by removing the coil, module and tower then you can get a wrench back in there to the top bolt. I had to get to the bottom bolt from below also and found that if you take the bolts out for the trans mount and jack up the tailshaft carefully until it stops you can gain critical space at the firewall to make the job go much faster and retain your sanity.

Just please make sure your safe while your hands are in there and the trans is jacked, don't need any missing appendages..

I did mine on the GN with the valve covers off along with the coil pack etc.

Got both bolts from the top, it wasn't easy.

I didn't like the kit with the butt connectors so once I had all the wires in hand I cut the ends off the kit wires and the existing connectors and soldered the extensions in the car. Big PITA but won't be a problem ever in the future. Skipped using the box thingy too and just bolted the new extended wires to the firewall.

Works fine, yup waste of the kit.

Just my .02. SalvageV6 the WE4 still has the original wiring which works fine. :)
Thanks guys....

I gave up on it. I'll try again when I have more patience. I'm not too keen on digging out the wires from the oval conduit, plus I don't see any way of getting to the passenger side cylinder head ground strap without jacking the car up.

I'm really not sure which wires I'm supposed to go to anyway. There is the one on the cylinder head....the one bolted to the firewall that appears to be going to the powermaster...the braided strap also on the firewall going down to the bellhousing below the coilpack...

That's only 3 grounds....apparently there are more on the drivers side inside of the conduit?!?!?

Oh well...I think I might send John Spina an e-mail for some clarification before I try again.

Thanks for trying,
The bigger bunch I think is on the passenger side. Two bolts worth and four wires or so.

I think that kit is a good thing for people that pull their engines or heads a lot and might damage the factory wiring or want easier access to it. :)

Not sure how many just loosen up on untouched motors. Mine never did.....