Help me decide!!! part 2


Don't Be Redikulas!!
May 24, 2001
Well, now that I'm looking at the right size headunits,1.5 din, I've got it down to a few brands. Pioneer, Alpine, Pyle, and Jensen. These were the only four brands I could find that have the 1.5 din receivers. Pioneer sells good stuff, Jensens speakers suck but I don't know about their H/U's, Alpine is good, and I think Pyle isn't so great. So which brand would you buy? The Jensen H/U look the best and thats basically what I'm looking for here, but I don't wanna buy a piece of crap at the sametime.

And if I decide to go with a din H/U, how are the JVC Kameleons? What other brands are good. I want a fancy H/U compared to the eclipse that I have. I want cd/tape/tuner, with either flip down or detachable face. Throw out some suggestions.
If you want fancy and great quality you can't beat the Pioneer 9300 or Premier 930. They have everything, high volt rca's, good build quality, all the fancy gadgets that you could imagine (you can dl a pic to the headunit of your GN!!).

Go to or ebay for good prices.
If you are looking for good clean sound, I would go for the Alpine or Eclipse. I have owned both and very impressed with performance.
Pioneer makes quality pieces that have a ton of features for the money. I'd stay away from Jensen like the plauge, everyone I know who has run their stuff has had a lot of problems with it.

Doug C.
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Eclipse..Alpine are excellent. I have a JVC Digifine sh99 unit and I love it.

I looked at the JVC Kameleon units and liked them, but I wanted the MP3 playback.