Help runs poorly, CE light flashes randomly


Oct 25, 2003

I just started the TTA after it sat for 2 years. It started and ran great. I went ahead and drained/changed the gas. After warming up the car stumbles at any rpm randomly, the check engine light flashes randomly, the idle takes off occasionally up to 1500ish rpm, and the car smokes black while it's stumbling. The cooling fan comes on when the key is turned to run without the car running. I don't recall which pins on the ALDL to paperclip to get the codes out. I have a GN here from which steal test parts. Any help is appreciated.
check the prom in the computer.. prob has oxidation crap on it.. doesn't take much :cool:
I'll do that. Thank's. I once started my GN without a chip on accident. It did run, but it ran very poorly. The car seems to be getting worse the more I mess with it:eek:
Cleaned the prom, tried it, then replaced it with another. There was no change. I'm wondering if I have a bad ecm or a bad ground? I'm going to pull the ecm out of the gn and try it. Anybody have the TTA wiring diagram? Any other suggestions?
When I picked up my car from my body & paint guy last week, It was doing the same exact thing. Turns out that the positive battery terminal wasn't tight. Check for a bad, loose or corroded battery terminal.

I put the GN computer in it, and it ran good. It did pop a bunch of times while doing a burnout, but it ran fine on a short test ride. It still has the original plug wires on it with ten year old spark plugs. I guess it's time to give it a tune-up and buy a computer.
Did the car not get started for the entire 2 years? I'd definately change the fuel filter, maybe even pull the injectors if it hasn't been run they may be gummed a little
Not started for 2 years. I'm going to change the oil/filter, fuel filter (though the 10 gallons that came out of the tank crystal clear), the diff fluid, and bend the downpipe off of the crossover. I plan on putting about 500 miles on it then adding the alcohol injection, chip, and 57 lb injectors I've had sitting on the shelve for a few years. Hopefully I can get a high 11 on drag radials/pump gas out of it.