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Apr 13, 2009
ok ive been helping my cuzin on his car. he's got a 87 regal with a 455 bored out to 462ci with 10:1 compression, turbo 400 trans, and a posi with 2:41 gears. we just got done putting the fuel cell in on friday. he's NOT building it for drag racing, just to have fun in. but he cannot get goin without baking the rear hids (even though its cool as hell :tongue: ) but if he ever wants to race one of my other cuzins (or someone on the street) he'll want it to hook up.

id post some pics and a vid, but i guess im not allowed too:rolleyes:
You're a newbe so you have to post 8? times before you can so they can catch spammers. If everything is stock what tires do you have on the back.
get some deeper gears- it sounds counter intuitive, but it will be easier to control the wheelspin once it starts.
with the torque that thing has to be making, you don't need 4.10's or anything liek that- maybe some 3.08 or so gears would work.
it might be a good idea to get an 8.5 rear out of a GN, since that stock 7.5 isn't going to last long if it starts getting traction. the 3.42 gears in a GN rear would also work pretty well with that motor.
he's got 2:41 gears in the rear right now, and he's gonna put 2:28?s in it. its the original housing with a aftermarket posi unit. and around here, GNs are extinct cant remember exactly what size tires but i think there 295s
leave the highway gears for the top speed racers, and get a decent street gear ratio.
if finding a GN rear is out of the question, then keep an eye out for a 9" housing for a circle track car.
it can be set up for about the same price as getting a GN rear, but the gear ratio choices will really be opened up and it wil lbe virtually indestructible.

you should get your "cuzin" to post here and ask questions for himself. it will make the learning easier.
the highway gears is the way he wants to go, plus with the 2:41s in it now, it just dominates em

id get him to sign up, but he doesnt have internet or even a computer at his house, plus he doesnt know how to use a computer lol