Houston Buick Club - 2011 AutoRama


Tall Unvaccinated Chinese Guy
Dec 14, 2004
On behalf of the Houston Buick Club, it is only fitting to thank a few people who worked behind the scenes before, during, and after the event.

Nick A. and Alisa H.;
Thanks for assisting with the planning and details of the event.
I know it was not easy to pull this off on a deadline!
Without you, this event would not have happened, period.

Robert M.;
We could not run a HBC show without you!
The care and passion you have for these cars is second to none!
You are the most consistent in club participation and always willing to lend a hand!
Thanks for not letting your "Gem" in the show to allow someone else can win! :tongue:

Bill And Ella W. - Brand new members.
You are always there to help and pull your hands out your pockets to assist when it comes time to do the “heavy lifting”!
Thanks for providing ALL the food and drinks! We ALL enjoyed it!

Thanks to all others who participated and assisted during the event.

Here are the Final standings for the Club Cars:
86 T-Type: 1st
84 HA GN: 3rd
89 TTA: 2nd
65 Riviera: 3rd
87(?) WE4: Pulled out of the show
72 GS Stage 1: No show (Car fire on the day of registration)


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Congrats on the '86 T Type winning Jerryl, I don`t mind sitting out this year . . . don`t have room for another plaque in the 'Buick Room" anyway . . . lol ,I hope to have the '69 Riviera ready for next year.