How do we get in touch with each other?


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Its seems like ther is only a few of us that check the board out. There is 25 members, and only a pinch full check the message board. How about listing of names and phone numbers so if anything comes out I will call everyone?

Also if you don't want to put your phone number on the message board feel free to e-mail me with your info.
I'll start first!


Cell: 754-7342
Pager: 231-8844
For emergency: 911:D
Hey Jackson!!

Great idea, heres my number:


p.s. car still not running, let me know if you ever sell the rims.

Jackson has my cell number...I think...anyways...guys...its 372-1210. Hows everyone doing? Just turned 24 this passed Friday...did the usual...started at D&Bs got drunk, went to femme more drunk with pretty girls...then went to rock za...drunk at the point of no return...then exotics...and i have no idea what happend. I started the night with 20 bucks...and I still had the same 20 dollar bill when i woke up, but then...I still had to wake up hangin. It was a good birthday. :) :) :)

Whats your name HI85WH1? E-mail quicker6 (Derek) he has a intercooled motor on a 84 or 85 GN. If you need a motor I know of someone that has a complete 87 motor for sale for $3500.
how do we get in touch with each other

im Robert, live in wahiawa, actually i have a motor, just dont have ac &ps hoses, etc
:D :cool:
Gman here.

Hm: 456-9083
cell: 554-9095
pgr: 569-2007

I need help tuning my HotAir. Someone PLEASE call if you want to brave a million questions!!!!!!
Is it alive yet?

Howzit Rob, got the beast running yet?
My next chore is the weather strips between door and glass. I also removed the electric radiator fan and put back the clutch fan. You believe it runs cooler now?!?! :eek:

My Beast...Ashes to ashes....

Hey G-Man-Nope-:( it's still dead and taking up garage space, but I bought a NOAH cover for the SS:cool: Started preparing the other motor, pan and intake off at least:) and the motors a little closer to the car, but thats all for now. too much OT @ work as its the end of the year and they're forcing the guys with excess to take it before 12/31/01 good for the car budget, anyway:D only problem is no time to work on it:mad: oh well, like I said, I'll get to it someday. I'll let you know-Rob-


P.S. you see the thread about gas wars?
hui garreth...sup man. hows the kid and wifee doing? you going watch the shoot out on the 17th? I havent put on the rims you gave me going to get them powder coated black, then i'll get them on. either that or get them polished...some thing low maintenance more i might go with powder coating them. hows your T doing? i saw you once in the morning heading towards your working place. as for my T...ah...its stuck...I got the wrong A/C alternator bracket from a vendor on the mainland..but hes going to send in another one. the bracket was from a regular v6 regal than a turbo one. one of the members said that the regular ones use a bigger alternator. anyways..shooooooots bah.
What are YOU doing?

AAEE! What's up Chris? How's the chip working out for you? Anyway, the both of us will be qualified for the babooz award. I spent 1 week removing the black epoxy paint from those rims so they would look like the 87 Turbo T rims. And now you'd like to repaint them black. Polish them instead so Perry & Price don't come looking for us.
Finally worked the bugs outta my car and she's running pretty good. Maybe alky injection kit next ??? More boost, less KR. Geez, we are all easily pushing 1 atmosphere. I understand that's what the Turbo Carrera runs. Drop me a line when you wanna go to the drags. And bring your puppy so my daughter stops asking!

:D :D :D