HRPARTS&STUFF dissapointment

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May 25, 2001
HRPARTSNSTUFF dissapointment

I have been trying to contact them on the phone about my suspension set up i ordered, get this, 2 Months ago, i was told i would get it sometime last month and Nothing, now its 30 days later and still nothing and i cant get on the phone with anybody, i talked to dave, i think that is his name, he took my name and phone number and said he would find out about my order and let me know what the ETA would be for it, he has done this twice and never got back to me, i am so freaking fed up with this kind of vendors, i mean we give them our money and business and we get Jack crapp in return, sorry just venting, i would hope they read this and get on my FREAKING DAMN ORDER RIGHT AWAY. :mad:

Sorry to hear that. I have ordered a few things from them and have never had a problem. Recieved the parts within a few days. Keep trying to get ahold of them I'm sure they will get it straight they seem like good guys and a reliable vendor in my case. Good luck:)
I had the same run around crap when ordering my TTA motormounts, as have others from what I hear and read on this site.

It took well over a month to get them to me. I recieved several emails saying i'd have them the next week. Weeks came and went. Finally after 1.5months I had them.

I fear the business is so used to being swamped with business that it can't keep up and just works this way. Which, in my opinion is complete crap.

The parts themselves are great , if you can get them in a reasonable amount of time!
I thought I heard they were in the process of moving, that may be the cause of your dilema. I have not heard anything negative about their parts or service.

Tes87GN, I before E except after C..........remember , PRIVATE school.
Why not contact someone and not act like a 4 year old throwing a temper tantrum?

The phones work, and the e-mail works.
They're moving right now so everyone will have to be a little understanding, give Paul a break and a little more time to get settled, He's one of the Good Guys. Now that Dave guy, I'd ride him like a lil *****...;) [/B]

Amen! & Thanks!
I know some of you have already given us a "little" understanding, and are now working on a "LOT" of it, and it is GREATLY appreciated. Unfortunately, I am basically a one-man show here. This started out to ba a part-time business for me to give me extra money to go racing with. Well, a few years back, it became so time consuming that I had to quit my regular job & go full-time with it. Since then, I have haven't had any time or money to devote to my own car, and sold it to further finance the business, broke my neck & basically lost 6 months totally, and another year partially, and still a few hours here & there, developed too many great new products that take an enormous amount of time & costs to get going, and just recently moved the assy/packaging/office/R&D/etc to a new location, along with our home stuff. Well, we are still in the moving process for several reasons, trying to get the new place ready & keep some stuff shipping. Getting phones hooked up here took almost 2 full weeks of hours each day trying to get the simplist of things done. Just today, they thought they had it, and I find out I just lost long distance on the main line, and who knows what else. Sooo, simply returning a call has become a chore. Not to mention with 4 lines going now, it gets quite musical at times. It is impossible to keep up with it all. Another unfortunate occurance is that most of the calls are tech questions or people checking on old orders. There are not enough orders to go and hire one or 2 people to help out, yet way more things to do for one person. I have had my brother helping in his spare time, trying to keep the flow of stuff welding & machining. My wfe has been helping with moving, getting the new place ready to setup the biz, finally got the office (kinda) working, sending catalogs out, and keeping up with the bills in her spare time. As for that Dave fella... Well.... Good help is so hard to find these days! :) Dave has been helping answering the main customer line for a few weeks now, and is a TREMENDOUS help! He has been doing this out of the kindness of his heart, with NO pay (yet, sure I will owe him a bunch!) in his spare time. I would be quoting stuff shipping next summer if it weren't for him! I also put him in a bad position because he takes the flack from customers wanting to know where their stuff is at (currently still have orders from June), and I can't give him accurate dates of when things will ship out. Every time I think I am getting close or have a handle on things, something pops up that needs immediate attention, putting the rest behind more. Anyone that ever started a business & grew their product line & biz rapidly should have a clue of what I am going thru. For those that never started a biz, well, it ought to be manditory for everyone to do in life IMO. Then people that call & assume parts are on the shelf ready to ship out aren't always possible for the little guys with all their parts. I tried to keep the motor mounts going because those are more of a "have to have" than the swaybars. When you can't do it all, you have to pick your battles. Anyone with a bunch of money or free time that wants to make my life easier is more than welcome to stop by. Until then, the best we can do will just have to do. We sincerely appreciate EVERYONES order, and don't want to lose one sale or one customer for any reason. It FOR SURE isn't that we don't care or have so much business that it doesn't matter to let one or 2 go. I take it personally when someone calls to cancel an order for whatever reason, especially for delayed shipping. Not exactly sure why, but I have been in the groove of returning ALL e-mails I receive, but not the calls. I get about 30-40 e-mails a day that I answer, but can't keep up with the 30+ calls a day. It must be because I can totally control the time spent and timing during the day on an e-mail reply, but not phone conversations.
I just spent 30+ minutes today helping a current & future customer. Felt good on one hand cause I LOVE to help people, but when I thought of the people waiting for stuff that I should have been working towards, I probably hurt more than I helped today. Really makes it worthwhile when I can't even feel good helping others :( (sarchasm) If everyone called to make a purchase (of more than on O-2 bung) and just gave info & said goodbye, things would run a lot smoother here. But, in real life with real people, it just doesn't happen. These cars are so complicated, it takes a lot of info, details, and time to fix problems correctly.

Anyway, thanks to a friend sending me this link (no time anymore to surf the boards like I used to do & like to do), I found this topic. Now that I may have eased your (and a few others) pain, I fell further behind. PLEASE keep in mind that when the public actually talks to or gets a response from an owner of a company, he is taking $40-$100+ an hour away from his company. When it's invested into the future of his company, it's usually a wise investment. When it's used up dealing with the past & adds no new revenue, it kills the biz. And when the owner is the only one producing, well, production stops! You think it's frustrating on the consumers end, try it on the owners end. That's where the stress & frustration gets multiplied by numbers like 1000 :( I have to go get warm now. The office is in a 3 season "sun room" that was advertised as a 4 season room, and the wife should be here with our fast-food dinner at 8:30 after her 12 hour shift, and then I can bug her to help more because I am behind more :(

Sorry to dump on everyone.
Maybe be a little more "thankful" for what you have this extended Thanksgiving weekend, while me & the wife work all of it except a few hours to spend with our family & eat some Turkey & feel guilty taking time away from the business.
PS- The new garage has no heat, and no time or money to get it done & weatherproof it, so my car will have to wait another year.
PPS- The squeaky wheel gets no more grease than previously scheduled ;)
PPPS- PLEASE everyone, add your real NAME to your signature and/or posts. It really helps knowing who it is that we need to contact and/or ship their order :)
i sent you an email today and also left a message on the old phone number on regards to my order, i hope you get it and reply when you can.

Kevin M
I responded to your e-mail today, at 6:00:02 PM EST. Guessing from your response, I figure you didn't get it for some reason. Here it is again:

Sorry for the delay & lack of response. I have been busy moving our home & part of the business, and Dave is covering for someone on vacation at his "regular" job. I am still behind from orders in July, but trying to get everyone covered by the years end. This move will be super in the future, but unfortunately for now it's put us behind more than it has helped.

Paul Ferry
NOTE: New Address & phone/fax numbers:
2002 Industry Rd.
Atwater OH 44201
Fax # : (330) 947-2977
Customer/Order Phone # : (330) 947-2433
9 AM to 7 PM EST. (Ohio) Mon-Fri., 10 AM to 5 PM Sat.
Originally posted by top gun
Hang in there guys, Pauls products are worth the wait especially the rear anti-sway bar. :D

Dave, just out of curiosity what was your 60' on that 9.57 pass and/or your best 60' so far with Paul's rear bar?
The awesome pic of your car launching with the wheels up on the TSM website makes me wonder:D
Sway bar

Hey Kevin
I am the guy you talked to and yes I did take you number and tell you I would get back to you WHEN I could get you a better ETA on when your bar would be shipping. I can offer you a date now as Paul just authorized me to give you one, you will have your bar in hand no later than March 1 2004 it could be sooner but no later. I would appreciate it if you would keep things factual in this post ... This is the FIRST and only date I have ever given you. When you first ordered it we were projecting about 3 to 4 weeks that doesn't mean you will have it exactly on any date.. I was trying to give you the closest time frame I could using the information Paul had given me. I haven't called you back until now as Paul is unable to give me any better estimate on time of delivery... Now you have one... To correct you original post a little. You also stated that we have your money and that is NOT TRUE, nor do we have your girlfriends money who actually is paying for it with her credit card. She and as well as other customers have offered to pay more to get the sway bar sooner but we have declined to put others that have been waiting much longer than you further behind for extra dollars.. We don't want to lose your business or anyone else's but please don't come on here "venting" with inaccuracies demanding that we "get on my FREAKING DAMN ORDER RIGHT AWAY." do you actually think we are just sitting around trying to ruin your day? We are on it and all the ones that will ship before yours.. All our customers are important and we try and satisfy all of them the best we can. If you don't want to wait please feel free to cancel the order. A little more mature post would have gotten a better response from me and a little more sympathy but nothing will get you priority over some one who has waited longer. Just for the record as Paul stated I work a full time job during the day as an electronics field tech. I travel a lot so I try and answer as many of the calls as possible but sometimes just can't take them.. I am sure I have misplaced a few messages but try and process orders at 70 miles an hour is to the best of my ability. If I haven't called someone back I appologize I do my best. I am sure I miss something sometimes.. Hopefully this is helping Paul catch up on building parts not having to answer every "where is my order" call. I hope this helps someone somewhere.. Dave England
There are lots of people that are unemployed due to there trades going down the tubes etc,and as i read this post it seems that you want people to feel sorry for you because business is booming and you cannot keep up with orders due to expanding your business.
You choose not to hire any help saying there's too much work for 1 and not enough for 2.......does'nt make sence to me.
Why try to belittle the customer saying ''its not his money,its his girlfriends"? It is no ones business who is paying for his sway bar!
I am not trying to start a war here,but i feel these are good points of interest.
I would really like to speak my mind on this but it would end up getting deleted,no dought,as i am an unemployed tradesman looking for work.
I wish i had your troubles!
OK, this seems to be getting out of hand a bit. Perception is quite incredible it seems. The more people that look at the same thing, the more different opinions & thoughts come out of it.

Dave was simply stating FACTS. This person needed to be corrected that his order was NOT paid for when he said it was. He was obviously assuming it was, and Dave wanted to be sure that he knew his girlfriend didn't pay for it yet either, as that's how it was ordered. (This is actually a totally different subject that has details of no one's business that made it necessary to point out.) Yes, it could have possibly been done privately & maybe left out of original post from Dave, but he hasn't received our e-mails for some reason, which leaves this post to mention it. As for "belittling" the customer for his girlfriend paying for his performance parts... well I think we should all be so lucky! If anything, it looks like a compliment to me, but it's all perception.

As for us wanting people to feel sorry for you because business is booming and you cannot keep up with orders due to expanding your business, that was NEVER our intention or remotely thought of. If it was, I would have stated things like working from sun-up to WAY past sun-down, 7 days a week, doing about 20 different jobs all at once, giving up any thoughts of my greatest desire to race & spend quality time with my family, or do any other hobbies or interests of mine (which are VERY important to me), taking on more stress than any one person should ever do, passing up events, shows, and time out with my friends to put into the biz, practically ruining my marriage, and a million other sacrifices I have (and are) making to try & make quality performance parts mainly for the Buick community, oh yeah, and have about 1/4 the money in my pocket than I used to have when I worked about 1/2 the time, with no extra responsibilities. As it was, I was simply trying to explain why several peoples order have not shipped in a reasonable time or by their original estimate.

As for the biz "booming", that was never said. Booming would be enough orders & cash flow to hire a crew to help out. Not having the time or money to get products flowing & shipping to take care of orders going on 6 months old doesn't exactly sound like "booming" to me, but that's perception. I simply have exactly what I said, too much for me to handle right now with everything else going on, and not enough to hire people. There is no "choosing" about it, if the cash flow is not there to support it, there is no choice to be made. As usual, offering the truth about our situation was not as effective as just making up an excuse that sounds good to everyone. Maybe I should have said we already shipped it & UPS must have lost it, and offer a bogus tracking # like other vendors have done? Sorry, NOT going to happen. If you don't want the truth & the facts, don't ask the questions.

Sorry to hear about your (and others) unemployment issue, but watch out for what you wish for. You really have no idea what my troubles are, even though I just openly shared about 2% of my frustrations in this post. Being in the retail AND manufacturing business is a whole different issue than most business people ever have to deal with. Most people would have probably eaten a bullet by now, but I just get the urge to shoot other stuff :cool: I know the negative feedback & attitudes seem like only a small percentage of what we see & hear at HR, but it stands out like a sore thumb to the public. If 9 people say something nice, and one says something bad, guess what people remember. And of course it's also that small percentage that makes us wonder why we go out of our way to support & attend events, groups, and clubs, that even after great sales, you barely break even if you are lucky.

Anyway, PLEASE don't anyone perceive this as an attack, insult, or plee to feel sorry for us. Bottom line, we are just moved and are positioning our business to be able to take care of all old orders & any new ones, and run smoothly for quite a while, and eventually hire help to keep up with current & future demands. Unfortunately the timing of it all sucks & interrupted the flow of products out the door, and a SMALL group of people are effected and will have to wait a bit longer to receive their order. It sure would have been nice to do this AFTER everyone was caught up, but it couldn't have been avoided. As said above, I am hoping to cover all the old stuff by years end. Now I have to get back at it before I get another week behind.
you know dave, or whomever you are, if i was paying for this freaking sway bar, i would off cancelled this order a long F***** time ago, and yes as the last post mentioned it not of anyones business who is paying for it, don't promise a date if you cant deliver I clearly remember you telling me that my order would ship the 1st week of october with the new shippment that going out, that turned into (give us another 30 days), i have also thought about ordering a passenger side motor mount from your company but after all the promises i have refrained from placing my order i am afraid i wont get it until march 2005., i am not trying to start anything here, but perhaps you guys should hire 3 or more person and put them on staff and start cranking the orders, i am not telling you how to run your business but if you hire some more staff you will make more money and keep your customors happy.


PS I was not assuming my ordered was paid for, and i really dont care at this point, i know you guys dont charge until its shipped, but my ordered of the sway bar has been really close to being cancelled several times and i think you guys know the reason why, and i dont need to let anybody else know about it.
Geeze what a bunch of whiners.

The guy is moving & 1 man show, give him a break.

I get the same crap from Ebay buyers who r frigging impatient bastards. When I mail items postal I have seen stuff arrive
prior to expected date & other times it gets dragged out.
I know this is not a POSTAL issue.

I say go ahead cancel the sway bar & be on with your life.

Pual also should have stated that items may take longer to ship or get out the door because of the move.

So I would say the blame is 50/50 null & void

We are going into winter anyway (well some of us are :( )
So cancel the order & reorder in the spring. Unless you
are lucky to live in year round sun :cool:
Not trying to start anything either :rolleyes: , but I try to respond in a mature informative way & I get a negative response with creative swearing in it & exaggerations. Hmmm.

Let's try it this way:

1.) We sincerely apologize for any mis-communication between yourself, myself, and Dave, and for all incorrect shipping forcasts (to everyone involved).

2.) Yours will ship out of the next new shipment that goes out (as promised), which hasn't shipped yet as previously scheduled.

3.) You're order is valued and appreciated, but if you feel the need to cancel or not purchase other products from us, you are welcome to do so.

Thank you for your patrionage, patience, and business advice, and have a nice day! :)
Originally posted by littlesixsteve
Paul also should have stated that items may take longer to ship or get out the door because of the move.

Yes, you are correct, except that our "move" wasn't in the plans until springtime, AFTER we got all caught up & parts on the shelf. Several things were in play & basically the opportunity presented itself months earlier than planned and had to be taken advantage of so it didn't turn out worse than it already is. Now OUR only choice is to work thru the tuff time or give up. Anyone that knows me & the story of my neck knows there ain't no giving up! Got to ship one person's order out now, before HE starts on us too.

2 popular sayings come to mind from all this:

All I can do is all I can do,
If you don't have anything GOOD to say... Keep it to yourself!

THANKS for the support!
Not really my place to post, but having ordered parts from HRpartsNStuff in the past, I feel the need to defend them.

Paul's parts truly are top-notch, and he offers them at a great price. Sometimes you just have to wait a little longer to get something of great quality, either get over it, or buy a lower quality part from someone else. If you are willing to wait, I'm sure you will be more than pleased with the excellent workmanship and the amazing quality of his work.

I really doubt you could find parts of the same quality for anything near the price that he is offering them!
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