Huh Huh Huh... I feel stupid sayin this


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
i was sittin around tonite bored as hell and lookin at my car.. i jacked the pass. side up and pulled out my impact wrench and puulled the clamp off the cat. and slid the pipe out of the cat. and cranked that bad boy up.... it sounded pritty dam good for a 6. at an idel it was meen.. and as i upped the RPM's it sounded beastly. not annoying. im considering runnin the car with that open to see if i get more power out of it? i doubt ill notice the increase but i thought i would say it sounded pritty good for a 3.8litre 2bbl. :D but i packed it all together and put qucik release wing nuts on it so i can pull it off in 5 secs. to try it that is. ;)
I have a 4.1 in my 82 regal, I was running staight pipes for a while, I thought (mybe it was all in my head) a power increase. I do know it sounded really good. Maybe a little loud but still nice. I was great when i would open the back to bbls. Give it a run I bet you'll love it.