I broke my anchcor on the band


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Jun 16, 2001
Well I just decided to post what was wrong with my tranny. I had posted that for the past couple of months the 1-2 shift wasn't as hard as I liked but it didn't slip, it just seemed to slide in with no force. well then it went south and you couldn't even feel it shifting into second. Well my dad and I took apart the tranny and the anchor had been stretched and eventually broke. I got my new alto band (2 5/8") and hopefully it will last. I'm gonna get it together this week I hope. Thanks Bruce also, you had mentioned the band was probably the culprit and you were right again.
Thanks, yeah I also got the 300m anchor pin and I also got a custom super servo pen that is made for the super servo and bigger alto band. Hopefully it'll be a good combo

Hey That is great!!!!!! If you get the time, please post to our success stories at the top. Good luck and have fun!!!