I hope my Conn friends are ok...



Hey guys, post up when you can to let us know your all ok.
Miguel, Mark, James, Bison, Allan, Brett, Tony...and anyone else.
Hope you and your families are all safe...and your cars!!!

we didnt get it bad here at all. i'm not complaing 1 bit. i didnt even lose power. i feel really lucky. i believe most in CT as long as your not near the shore were ok.i did see a few trees or branches down but nothing like last years 2 storms. again we are fortunate here
Thanks. Nothing big happened near me either. I didn't lose power. The big damage was on the coastline. The tides and the funneling effect of long island sound combined with the fast moving east to west wind moved the water in rapidly and wiped out a lot homes and businesses on the coastline.
No problems where I am in North Haven though other parts of town lost power. Thought for sure I was going to lose a couple trees but everything is fine. Next door neighbor had a tree fall on his house and my other neighbor's roof shingles are in my yard. Even at work in Woodbridge we only lost power for about 2 seconds while many other parts of town got hit. All depends where the trees fell. Oh yeah, we did have one casualty at work, the porto potty for our sidewalk construction project was blown over.:rolleyes:

Very thankful to get thru this unscathed but feel bad for all the folks on the shoreline who were wiped out and everyone that do not have their power back yet.

Last Saturday some friends and I took our cars along the shoreline out to Old Saybrook and up to the area around Gillettes castle. Was just thinking the whole time that much of the scenery would be looking much different in a day or two.
Everything good at my house. Just a few branches down but nothing major. Was a little worried about the Buick and the garage it is stored in since there were a few big trees near by but nothing happened.

Allan G.
My wife is from CT. I talked to her best friend up there yesterday and she said it wasnt bad at all where she lives but she did say on corner of the state got hit pretty hard.
All set here in northern CT. After the summer tornado and halloween blizzard last year, there weren't many trees left to do any damage.
Got this on the GN from a falling branch. :eek:

No biggy compared to what many are enduring. :(

salvageV6 the WE4 was parked in the trees and not a scratch go figure. :p