Iac or Tps Bad ?


Its never fast enough !!
May 4, 2008
I have been trying to get my Iac & Tps to match up for 2 days now.. Did research on the forum & did the reset over 20x.. But I cant get my Iac numbers over 15. & when I do as soon as I adjust the Tps it goes down to 00..

I was getting a code 22 so I bought a new Tps , But I figured I would attempt to set it once more. got the tps right on but Iac @ 00 still.. although the code went away These are the numbers I'm seeing, Rev 1050 Tps 44 Iac 00
But in drive it levels out to Rev 850 Tps 42 Iac 12.

Am I missing something.. can I raise the Iac numbers with the car off. key on ?
Why is the engine idling at 1050?
Try unhooking the throttle, and tv cable?
Check for vac leak at the t/b shaft.
ok what i'm doing is with the car on warm idle ..

*1 * turning the Iac screw all the way out to where it isnt touching the throttle blade.

*2* car off key on position adjusting the TPS to around 38-40

*3* car on engine running turing the Iac screw clock wise until I get a Iac count.

the highest Iac count I get to is 6. " Rpm 1250 "

*4* car off key on position I readjust the Tps back down to 42. because it goes up while adjusting the Iac.

*5* now Tps set. @ 42 .... Iac shows 0
If the engine is idling w/ the screw backed out, and the IAC reading 0, the engine is getting it's idle air from someplace else..
Also, an IAC count of 6, and the idle speed is at 1250... More air coming from someplace.. need to find it.
Been in a backfire situation, B4? Throttle blade bent?
Checked for loose throttle shaft in the body?
Take the cables off????????
car doesnt backfire, never has.. gonna check the throttle blades &
" loose throttle shaft in the body ? :confused: " Chuck would these problems contribute to high Bl's i'm stuck @ 142.
would these problems contribute to high Bl's i'm stuck @ 142.

Yessum, its adding fuel to comp for the vac leak

check blade shaft, gasket tb/doghouse. doghouse/intake. check vac block...ways to do that, you can cut peice of cardboard and slide it under the vac block etc etc
okay I unhooked all the cables. & it still doing the same thing.. the idle screw is backed all the way out & the car is still running..

I cut a piece of hose & ran it around the plenum, I can hear air !! & the pcv if def. leaking..

wish me the best
took everything off & cleaned it now the car is much better here are my numbers fully warmed up.....

* 02.. 808
* AF.. 04
* L8.. 30
*BAT.. 13.3
*INT.. 128
* BL.. 142 :confused:
*CLT.. 175
*ATS.. 88
*REV.. 850
*TPS.. .42
*IAC.. 15
*CC.. 235
*NAL.. 42
What kind of bl's should we be seeing on a properly tuned car? And what do the bl's determind? I'm glad you got your car running better fastlikeanascar.