in search of sway bar


Boost junkie
Maybe you guys can point me in the right direction. I have recently upgraded to Moog #5413 rear and #5658 front coil springs, rear control arms in sig, gas-a-just shocks.

I'm looking for a sway bar to compliment my setup. This is a street car and I'm looking for a little more handling. I'm not concerned with 60 foot times dropping, more concerned with roll in corners. What size, brand, and where to buy please...

Thanks in advance guys
i just got myself an 1le bar from an old trans am. i picked up 2 just in case....
$90.00 shipped, has the bracket and decent rubber in it. use your stock endlinks, or get summit replacements.

the rundown.... stock gn bar is 32mm solid and wieghs a ton,
1le bar is 36mm hollow and much lighter, Approx. 7-15lbs lighter (i haven't weighed them myself, but can tell a difference.)

note- i went to 9 junkyards in 2 different states and only found 2 decent sway bays. if you want to look- look for late 80's = early 90's f body cars. take a caliper. most bars are only 34mm. t/a, formula were the 2 i found.
haven't got that far myself yet.... gn's had the biggest one from the factory.
i'll probably bite the bullet and go the HandR parts bar.