The one on Ebay is a Off Center(most likely) Stage 2 Intake. I will not fit stock heads. Has no injector bungs. Where's the intake for your engine? Are you wanting to start the engine using a carb?
Yes i do want to run on carb till i can break in on stand. I do have a hot air setup that i could try to run with wiring harness but dont have harness for inside of car. Just the one for engine bay with ecm. Trying to find the best way to break in engine on my test stand. If anybody has any ideas please chime in.
Yes i do want to run on carb till i can break in on stand. ..

If you are dead-set on running your engine on a stand, find a 3.8 or 4.1 intake and distributor/ignition and of course a carb.

Since you will use a carb, not fuel injection, a high pressure pump is not needed, some form of radiator will be needed though.

TA Performance has an engine run-in stand for V-8's as well as turbo engines, and hook-up of all needed components is chore, but cool to see and hear them run!:)

The "ultimate" in turbo Buick engine run-in stands is at Richard Clark's shop:

[The good-looking guy on the far right is the proud owner of the engine being run!]

TBuick2012 R.jpg