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Mar 4, 2002
Whats involved in mounting a frount mount intercooler?Who sells them at a reasonable price?Also do you feel a seat of pants gain?I was gonna put a 50 shot of n.o.s but i dont wanna hurt the motor.Also how much time would it take to get the job done?THANK YOU:D
I think that its roughly a day job to put in the intercooler, but you might want to rely on someone that has put one in. To put on the intercooler, you need an elctric fan. Do you have one?

BTW, I know a fellow named Terry Penner, who ran nos in his 84 since 1985. His best time with a 70 shot was 11.8. He had other mods to the car like basics+ cam and some other crap and he had never experienced any major problems. That was also with the stock turbo!

He now has a nice full interior, stage 2 car.:D
Yes, you will feel a huge seat of the pants difference especially when you get into the higher boost levels. It depends on who's kit you buy whether or not you need an electric fan. The Spearco kit works with the stock fan. If you've never done it before, plan on a day. I installed my friend's Spearco in about 1.5 hours but I've done four of them.