Is it bad to change a GN color scheme?


Feb 27, 2015
I need opinions. I have been trying to get my dream car here for a while. The woman pushed me to buying a complete done car, went after a few cars that didn’t pan out and I decided that the only way that I am getting what I want was to build it myself. What I want to build is a white t top turbo clone/real T car with a navy T interior that I already have. but I am planning to do a front mount supercharged ls, yes sorry for the turbo die hards ☹. Nothing against them but I can not get past the need of a throaty v8, just my personal want. Anyways, I have committed to buying a 84 grand national t top non running car that is not in great shape but appears rust free. The condition is not an issue as I am doing a frame up build with boxed frame, pro touring suspension, c5 brakes…. and all of the fun stuff. I am only worried about rust issues on what I build. So here I am having the great debate, am I a bad g body/regal/TR owner if I turn a 1 of 2000 GN into a white and navy car non GN appearing car like I have pictured in my head? Or should I suck it up and keep it factory colors? Many people would have bought this car and parted it out anyways so in that sense I am saving a car?
We have converted a few 1984-5 GN's to intercooled, and they were valued about to the price of 1986-7's when done properly.

One 1984 had a killer, two-tone paint job, and great interior, and sold for good $$$$$!
I've seen blue, red and yellow Grand Nationals that looked really good.

I say paint it whatever color makes your heart sing and your mouth water.
your car......... do as you wish!
but..... when time to sell, don't expect turbo buick prices , for a car that isn't.
I happen to like black, but I’ve considered a stripe. Kind of off center over the top from front to back. Haven’t brought myself to do it yet.
The thing that bugs me, and please no one take offense to this because this is my personal reasoning. Most of the turbo buicks around where I live are grand nationals, so at a car show I see a line of black TRs all lined up. I don't like to be the guy that has the exact thing that everyone else has, I like to be different. I was really seeking out a non GN turbo car but it is not as easy as it sounds to find especially with t tops. I am thinking that if I added a pinstripe on the side, maybe a red or silver one, I can live with the black. Black will be one of the easier colors for me to paint. I am weird about paint and insist that the car is torn apart and shot piece by piece, also a reason that white was on my list. Ahhh decisions, I suppose I should get the car home first and see what she tells me to do lol.
I was thinking about a vinyl type wrap stripe and if I didn’t like it I could peel it off
Kind of like this off center
I will echo what others have said. it is your Dream car so Follow your dreams. YOu are the one behind the wheel.

When I see Turbo Regals at car shows, if they are Black, I always look for things they did to 'customize it' and i ask myself if it is somethign i will do. When we have Turbo Regal get togethers, I am always drawn to the non-black ones. I always know to look for funky option combinations on them. I think it is part of their mystique.

Plus like you said, this car was destined for salvage.

If someone doesn't like what you did, tell them to buy their own. The people in this community are far more interested in watching you follow through on your project (we love build pictures).

Now I ill say, if you were thinking of doing this with a legit GNX, there will be a line of people offering to trade you their cars in exchange for an authentic, but that is just because we are all dreamers too.
These semi-troll posts are getting old. It's like this board is turning into Facebook.

Why is this ''I want to hack up a Regal'' post still in the TECH section?
Semi troll post? Want to hack up a car? hmmmmm ok. I'll let you tell me I hacked up a regal when it's all done and show quality. You act like I am cutting it up for a track car or putting 28" wheels on it or maybe daytons and hydros. seems more like you are starting drama like facebook folks do. good day sir

And thanks for the input from everyone else
Lol I find this funny because it’s your car do with it what you want . If you are asking from the point of resell value of course changing anything on it from stock will hurt the value . It’s your ride do whatever you want to it to make it look and perform the way YOU want it
I don't like to be the guy that has the exact thing that everyone else has, I like to be different.

Actually, this is the only reason I like the V6. It sets you apart from the sea of V8s out there. I'll gladly pay more for Buick V6 parts just so I'm doing something different than what most others are doing.