K&N breather leaking oil on passanger header?


Turbo LSX Trader
Aug 7, 2007
Hey guys, my Gn has K&N breathers in the valve covers, The one on the passanger side leaks oil on the header, I have heard these sorta problems? Is there any solution to repair this? Thanks, Ryan
Its called blowby, perfectly normal unless your car is running like crap. :) one way to get rid of this is too use a vacumm pump catch can setup to suck out all the oil from the blowby into the catch can. :) also make sure you have a good working PCV valve.
Ill look at the pcv valve, could I use a vented Catch can alone? I have and extra one in the garage, Its only that side bacouse the other valve cover is baffled!

:) I have to clean the breather once in a while. With the breather removed, from the inlet, blow the excess oil out.(I use my leaf blower) This solves the normal oil build up. ;)
blowby to the point of pushing oil out the breather is NOT normal. It generally points to a faulty (or wrong) PCV.
Scot W. on the board here can attest this. He just went through this and cured it COMPLETELY by installing the proper PCV.
I put a new PCV in about once every two years, and have never suffered from oil coming out the breathers.

The most common problems is the "wrong" pcv installed. Most parts houses will do a look up and give you the wrong part based on regular regals, not LC2's. And even if they're smart enough to look up under a Turbo Regal, their computer systems will have the generic part listed.
Well, I'm at work right now, so I'm working from my old feeble memory, but, I believe the correct AC Delco P/N to be CV-693.
I'll have to try and verify that later this evening when I get home from work.
one way to stop the drip with stock valve covers is to install the OE passenger breather and then install a smaller KN into the rubber angle adapter and point it upward

i use the stock breather assembly with the rubber adapter and the steel pipe (installed backwards) and route it to rear of engine (top of trans) with a 2ft peice of 3/4" heater hose

with the champion GN1 covers they sell an angled breather adapter filter kit, its a nice idea with the raised angled adapter and seems to work but the kit i got could have used a little more thought in the design .
install procedure requires you to pull covers off and the parts supplied to do it could have been better chosen , supplied screws are too short for the machined adapter and require drill and tap (not supplied in kit) and oring chosen is a poor fit for the gn1 breather hole and the final look of the flange screwed to the valve cover is not very appealing
IMO since you have to remove covers a simpler threaded collar slipped in from inside that screwed into the angle adapter with some rtv used at topside to prevent spinning would have been so much easier,design would be similar to how the drain assembly in your bathroom sink is
I dug through my old parts ( I save everything that comes off the car in case I need a number), and the only PCV I could find had the number PV893 stamped on it.
I tried looking at the one on the car and all I could make out was PVx93. I couldn't tell if the x was an 8 or a 6. :frown: