killed another 87 turbo t


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Jun 18, 2008
this was my very first turbo car and i have since upgraded to better condition cars and since i have been having such a hard time selling a diffrent better condition car i figured it was easier to get my money back by parting this one out rather than having my time wasted and being insulted by stupid offers of trades and lowball cash offers,

engine was already sold and i'm using the steering wheel.rear bumper fillers were shot,doors were rotted. car is 100% taken apart and sawzalled up at this time.
g80 posi 8.5 rear available
brf tranny is a core
i was using a 1985 bq tranny in the car it worked fine but didnt chirp tires on the upshift and didnt shift super hard but it did work !!

tons of good parts off this car and the many others that i had !!! just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










if you guys need other parts not pictured on this car i have had many of these cars and have parted gn's t types and turbo t's and regular regals,i have interior parts in tons of diffrent colors ,diffrent roof styles,t tops,astroroof,hardtop,buckets,seats bench seats,split bench,some engine parts, etc.............just ask i may have it







engine was sold but other stuff in engine compartment still available
I am interested in the power master. Does it work (I really just need the motor). How much are you asking for the unit?
header panel is pretty nice no visible cracks or breaks or repairs that i remember. $250 NO TREADES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wheels $350 for the set or $100 each . either way plus shipping,

i have a known good complete rebuilt powermaster that was $700 when bought new, i will sell it for $350 it is complete and i know for a fact it works great. i do have other power masters that were taken off cars but they have issues and i do not know how to test the pump itself.

steering wheel not forsale it is already on another car!! horn cap is available

quarter windows $100 for the pair plus shipping

matts 87 we4

hi, id love the horn ring and T-symbol, much? where to send check? the upper door panels also interested in, thanks, wait to hear............ Matt
matts we4

also would like big air intake and pipe if fits stock settup, and in good cond. thanks. Matt
That 8.5 Axle is it still available? How about the BRF trans that is kind of a core?
whats up with that sticker?:rolleyes::tongue:

back when he was nice to me and i USED to send people there ALL THE TIME !!! and i never got nothing in return no breaks on stuff in years and when i asked a question it was vague answers or i was told to ask
brian / bison. STILL WAITING FOR OTTO TO GET SOME STICKERS IN !!! i'll probably have at least 4 cars at the track this year and i go about 2 or 3 times a month so it would be good advertising for him.