Kindly asking for some prayers from my friends here

Bruce, I will keep you and your Momma U in my thoughts and prayers. I've been there and know what you are going through. Take care my friend.
I am sorry to hear of your mother's problems but God bless you and your wife for being there for her. You will cherish those times forever. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mother and your family. God Bless you.
For all of you, who were so kind to send prayers and good wishes to my Mom (Momma U) I'm so happy to report that, even at age 88, she's making it through rehab......she was actually able to attend a meeting today to evaluate her progress, and it looks pretty good as of today. (March 26, 2013, Tuesday) Still can't walk, but can stand for a few minutes, lots more work for her to go through. My wife and I still have to switch on and off being with her a week at a time, but she's making a miraculous recovery.....we almost lost her.......I must say, of course, I'm so very, very happy at this news and want to tell you fellas I can't thank you all enough for your caring and prayers......that goes for: Chopped39, TurboDave, Reaper(Shaun), Chadly, Megawatt, Plainwhite T, Scot W.(my good buddy:)), Turboclam, Spoolfool2 (Mike, tremendous good guy) RudeDog, Toofastforyou, (Claude, way up in Canada...brrrrr....), Pronto, rmar (fantastic painter!), S10xgn, Plowboy 72, Rev. 3:11, JimP, Xtremexnyc, PhoneGuy (Bryan), 86Brick, and CaptFlash........

I named all of you who responded as to point out that my thanks and appreciation go directly to each one of you.......I thank you guys for taking the time to send care and sure made this old guy so happy, and it does me good to think I have so many good buddies here on this forum that I can depend on for support.....again, I can't thank you enough, all I can say is thank you...from my heart. You guys are just great. :) There is truly power in prayer.

I told Mom about you guys, and she said "You sure associate with such good people. Please thank them for me, dear." Her exact words. God bless you all, fellas. Thanks.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Great, Bruce! I lost my mom in '05, but my wonderful M-i-L is still going strong. She'll be 96 next month! :D
It is an honor & a blessing to be able to stand together for each other in Christ,
your family remains in our prayers.

Darrell o_O
Love and miss you on the board Bruce. Just take care of your mom and I will do what I can if you need something. If you want my number PM me and I'll be glad to let you lean on my ear. My work schedule is screwed to say the least but if I don't answer right away I will call back when I'm awake and off work.;)