Kindly asking for some prayers from my friends here

Bruce Urie

The Ventures,CCR forever!
Dec 30, 2006
Hi, fellas,
I haven't been posting here for quite some time....I do miss this forum......see, I've been trading off with my wife taking care of my sick Mom who has been in the hospital then the rehab place for over six weeks, my wife spends one week with her, then I go up to spend one week with her....I'm so thankful to have such a great wife like my Shirley who cares so much about Mom.........Mom's not doing too well, but, since I'm an avid believer in Christ and the power of prayer, I'm asking all my good and kind friends here (and you ALL are) if you would take a few seconds and say a prayer for my Mom to recover.....she's known all throughout the auto racing world, as well as here in Virginia as "Momma U." A longtime affectionate name given to her by everyone who has met her. She's just one great Mom.

She does have a long road to recovery, I do think she'll succeed, but I need you fellas help with some prayer for her........I've been sort of reluctant to come on here to reveal my personal problems on this, as there's so many others out there in the world with even more serious problems also, and this I recognize strongly........Mom just needs some prayers from you believers out there, while, me personally, it would greatly make me feel a little better.......watching over and caring for a very sick parent is just backbreaking, tiring, worrisome, very stressful, exhausting, lots of tears and very scary...we just never know what will come next......but in times like this, and I'm sure ALL of you would do the same thing, we have to step up to the plate and do all we can for our Mom or Dad when they get old and sick.

Since I do think the world of all of you guys here, as you've been so darn kind and nice to me, I just want to come to you for a little prayer for the recovery of my "Momma U." Jeez, I'm getting a little teary eyed just typing this and sharing this personal stuff, but, I feel so comfortable talking and having you all as my good, maybe the combination of prayers from you will help my Mom........I'm sure it would........I would be so ever grateful.

Hope to get back on here soon, as I just LOVE this's like having all my good buddies in my garage for beer, crabs, pizza, Turbo Buicks, and just having a good time.

The best to you all and your families, of course. I mean that.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Bruce, we will be praying for your Mother's speedy recovery!
Sorry to hear about your mom. I pray that everything will be fine her and your family.

Prayers sent for Momma U and her caregivers.
Last year on a moments notice I flew down to be with my Mom
In ICU and she told me later after her recovery she felt the most at peace when I was by her side holding her hand and praying over her. Later a Deacon from the church came in and she rededicated herself.
Bruce, we will be praying for "Momma u" and her speedy recovery! I hope you & Shirley are doing well....
Have faith brother, Jesus still moves mountains. Praying for refreshment and quick healing. God bless.
Prayers sent.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Mike Barnard
Best wishes for Momma U. I miss my Mom.
Bruce, I am very sorry to hear this...I am by no means a religious person but you and Momma U are in my thoughts.