Kirban Performance weatherstrip replacements - Don't do it!

Your not ignorant brother just frustrated and we just want to help you out in any way possible. I'm sure you will resolve the issue in due time and the first beer is on me. :)

Hey would you mind sharing some pictures with us?

2016-05-22 11.50.48.jpg 2016-05-22 11.51.00.jpg 2016-04-23 11.56.11.jpg
I have fixed that air dam and put the center cap on since this photo was taken. My daily driver, named "Elvira."

Thanks, that seems to work.

I also included a photo of me as Elvis for a pet adoption event for which I volunteered.
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Download the pictures to your computer then click on "upload a file" which is the picture.
It's not that you are asking for special treatment. As stated before, Dennis has made "good" by others when there was a problem with one of his products, so you would not be alone or special. Just a customer that *deserves* satisfaction as all of us are. Now, please don't think I am diminishing your intelligence, because I am not. That is most defininitely not my intent. But consider the fact that a satisfied customer makes good business sense. Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool. That's why a customer that is satisfied is so important .
And like all of us, you certainly don't want to spend hard earned cash on something that doesn't work. That's why I don't see the logic in not letting him know. More than likely, he would like to know the problem so it doesn't happen to anyone else and he would want to resolve your issue.
And yes, the military has black and white thinking. ( and thank you for your service to our country ) . They have to be that way. But , in reality, many things are grey. So, give yourself a break and take advantage of this "grey area". We have all done it with whatever business we have dealt with in the past. I believe we really are in your corner and just trying to save you some angst.
PS the second beer is on me .... Maybe even some wings...
Nah man no foul done. This unfortunately is the down side of online communities, positive emotion is hard to express through text. Everything is always either "neutral" or "angry" haha.

I've learned, in comparison to other car communities (*cough* mustangs, Honda, etc*cough*) that good intentions are always given here.

It's a big family, and we all genuinely care. We show love to the vendor because there's been so many bad ones, you know? We take care of our jewels and they take care of us equally.

I agree with you, site says it in black and white, but doesn't mean a phone call will hurt. Only two outcomes, they help or they restate the policy.

Only love and respect. Love you brother!

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You haven’t stepped on any toes and for the most part no one has shit on you, mostly help has been thrown your way.

You keep stating THE PRODUCT but haven’t posted the manufacture.

Stop being so self righteous and call the man.

If he tells you to fuck off then we were wrong and we’ll accept it.

Its pretty simple really.

Hey man, I can't speak for everyone here, however, there's nothing wrong with anything that you've said or done here at all. You used this channel to voice your opinion on the weatherstripping that you have reviewed. And that's perfectly acceptable and that's exactly what it's here for.

The good news for you is that you bought your weatherstripping from one of the finest, most upstanding vendors that we have! And I can assure you that Mr. Kirban will want to know about the issue for sure. Because he's one of the biggest problem solvers that we have!

Matter of fact, if you don't get his newsletter already, then I would strongly suggest that you go sign up for it? As that will show you that you are dealing with a dude whose sole purpose is solving problems with products for our cars. As he is always looking for a new way or a new gizmo to fix one of the ever increasing number of woes that our cars have!

So it's all good man and I don't think anyone is being down on you at all. As we're just trying to let you know, hey call him and let him know. Because you never know what might happen. But more importantly, you should call him for the good of all. Because I can assure he probably has no idea that you're having this issue! And my guess is that he will help you with it one way or another. Because the last thing he wants is to sell a faulty good. And let's face it you've done nothing wrong here, it is just that normal timeline for returns has elapsed! So what! He still needs to know you've a had a problem so he can fix it.

Moreover, if you go buy from another vendor whose to say that you don't get the same exact product? Because there aren't that many companies out there making this stuff! So seriously do us all a favor call mr Kirban and see what you all can come up with! No matter what you won't be sorry! Because what do you have to lose? Nothing! But you have plenty to gain! So give him a shout!!

Good luck with it!!

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I doubt Dennis is unaware of this discussion and will help resolve the issue.

Heck I would be more than happy to help you resolve your frustrating situation P8riot0366 . :)
Biggest thing I see with this is that the op didn't post this in the feedback section where it belongs, and where Dennis would notice it faster perhaps, but posted it in the general tech section, which for all practical purposes reads like a bashing on the headline of the front page.
I have no dog in this, but will repeat what other's have said: Kirban's is one of our outstanding vendors, and imho, not contacting him about this is selling both of you short. Good luck whatever ya do!
First things first, thread's been moved to the vendor customer service section, where it belongs. Second is that Dennis is a dogface just like you and I are. He deserves the respect from you and I for the time he spent in Nam as well as the knowledge that the product he's selling, isn't a quality part. I was an MP in the Army and hated those that would bitch about things when they could tell the person that they had an issue with to fix the issue. He will need the knowledge of the product so he can provide feedback to the company he bought it from. This serves 2 purposes. It alerts a vendor that he has a faulty product so he can not ship it to the rest of us, and helps us on the board so we don't have the same issue. Yes, you may be upset, but there's more to it than that. If you don't tell the person that there's an issue then they can't fix the issue so all can be happy.
If he wouldnt have mentioned it, i would have guessed he was in the military or law enforcement. He seems to have that people person type of charisma about him :) i know because after being in the military and working in law enforcement for 19 years yesterday(6 more to go), i also have acquired that charisma and cheerfulness. I dont need to mention everything that has been said again, everyone is spot on about dennis. Put your issues aside and call the man, see what he says, send him pics of the problem. Remember this sir, we all have those same issues you probably deal with day in and day out.
I do not currently hold a commission but I keep my license valid by gittin' my 40hrs of training every cycle, us hard headed cops!

Yep you gotta be honest or it is just dancing around a problem and not fixing it. I have replaced the weather stripping, door's, sun roof and T-tops, but was fortunate in that I knew people in the parts department who just let me cut off a length with an addition so I would not be shorted.
Biggest thing I see with this is that the op didn't post this in the feedback section where it belongs, and where Dennis would notice it faster perhaps, but posted it in the general tech section, which for all practical purposes reads like a bashing on the headline of the front page.

It's there, now.:smug:
I appreciate your remarks and comments. I will be going with someone else's product, though.

If you want to think less of me for using my right as a customer of a business to provide an honest review of a substandard product, then that's ok with me.

If I get a part that doesn't work on my vehicle when the description of the part on the seller's website assures me that it WILL work, then I will give feedback when it does or does not actually work as promised.

I should waste more time and money jumping through hoops and calling around to various people to try and get a solution when a solution was supposed to have been seen from the jump?

If I am not allowed to post my experience on this site, then please say so in the forum rules and I'll be sure to not do so.

I just spent a lot of time and money trying to keep my GN in shape. I should keep my mouth shut about a bad product? I didn't know that dissenting opinions weren't allowed.

Not that my opinion here matters, but I totally understand what its like to buy a product from a vendor, and have it fit like shit. With that said, I too understand your frustration.

I've bought from Kirban's and Pete Hoffman both. Never had an issue with anything I got, the only advice I have when buying from Kirban is make the order worth it, because shipping can get rich. I've read a lot of Kirban's posts here and learned a lot from his knowledge. If anything, an email to him just to express you being displeased with the item may be worth it. If you've had fitment issues, maybe others have and it needs to be brought to the attention of Dennis so that another supplier can be found, or he can address the issue with the current supplier. I work with many auto parts vendors and deal with their quality control every day. I can only echo others comments in saying I'm sure Kirban's would help a TB brother out.

With that said, you are a member here, and if you want to express your concerns you should be able to do it. I don't post a lot on here because there is a GN "Good Ol' Boys" club that practically offer free hand jibbers to some of these vendors. I don't know if its because they get great service, or if they think sucking up will get them free stuff, or at least a discount. I don't know, and I don't care. I've had great service with the little bit I've bought from Kirban, Pete Hoffman, Turbo Tweak, Full Throttle, and the oh-so-hated G Body parts. I busted a transmission vendor lying to me a few years ago, I did get my money back but it came with a price of a few asshole members here getting my address from the vendor and threating me because they had my address, knew where I worked, etc. Just a bunch of keyboard cowboys, so don't read anything into other peoples comments. It's the internet.

I hope everything works out for you.
kirban two cents worth:

A customer of mine emailed me about this link since I was not aware of this prior to now. As it has been stated we have made allowances on our policy as I am sure other vendors have over the years....

Unfortunately in our world (turbo world) it is quite small. One reason I don't carry seat material and door panel material is because in my opinion no company has nailed it exactly correct and I don;t want people calling our company after spending big bucks and install costs upset. This is not to imply what others sell is not good just that it is not 100% exact.

On weather strips it can be a nightmare to my knowledge there are 2 major manufactuers....even if you buy from another vendor which is fine you may wind up with the same kind. Weatherstripping is a tough product to reproduce to match GM format.....

Every vendor gets complaints. Personally we only make a handful or products or control a few products weatherstrips is not one of them. In other words its not a product we made....

I have sold 16 by 8 wheels to customers and because not ever car is on the frame straight 255/50 tires may rub the frame rail. can't really be my fault but
still someone will complain.

You served in the Army as did I......common my office in the afternoon

On a side not I greatly appreciate all the compliments on this thread that came to my defense.
Make sure you don't have aftermarket t tops. Many cars do. None of the OEM type weatherstrips will fit.

Admin, please lock this thread, as nothing positive is coming out of it.

Nothing +?? Dennis replied, and asked you call him. You have a choice. Either do as he asks, or you just may find this entire tread going away. Your "poor me" attitude is wearing thin.

I n order to sooth the op's sensitivities, this post has been run thru the PC correction dept...:smuggrin:
Ok, first of all, I did not attack Dennis Kirban personally. I just posted about my experience with a product carried by his company.

This is why I wanted this thread closed, because there is nothing else productive that can come from it, as evidenced by an admin on this site jumping my shit for some unknown reason.

I do plan to contact Dennis Kirbin, as he so graciously offered, to see what can be done about the situation.

You know, when a member posts an experience with a product, with the intent to HELP other members to not have the same experience, it sure seems like a bullshit chain of events when that member gets dog-piled because of his ignorance of the secret way things apparently run on this site. If I had known that this would be the result, I would have kept my damn mouth shut and let the next poor sap deal with a substandard product.

Dennis Kirbin thanked people for "coming to his defense," when I NEVER ATTACKED HIM OR HIS COMPANY!!

I don't understand how I became the bad guy here but it's your site so do whatever it is that makes you happy. I am beyond caring anymore.

To the other members who I tried to help with my experience, I apologize if you think I'm an asshole for saying something negative about a product from an apparently beloved and untouchable vendor. I THOUGHT I was trying to help.

And Chuck Leeper, I don't appreciate your characterization of my attitude as "butthurt." That is about the most juvenile and unprofessional way for a site admin to act toward a member as I have ever seen.

I like this site and have found it to be a wealth of knowledge, but if this is what comes from a simple product review, then I wonder why I am even a member at all.

I expect that you will delete all this and kick me so I wish nothing but the best to everyone and maybe I'll see you at some car shows in the future.