Look-My new Hot Wheels "Sixty Eight" rims

Nice look. Is your car black or purple? Looks purple in the sun.....:cool:

go to discount tire...they will match/beat anyones price and they have 30 day return.....i found the rims on the internet for $424 per set and the tires on tirerack.com...

discount tire matched the rim price and beat tireracks price fo rthe tires....plus i got a $50 mail in rebate on the tires from BF Goodrich.....

They look very nice, kind of the same look as the GNX rim but with spokes. I like the polished lip.

Do you think I need to lower the car in the rer & front? I was thinking using Bell tech rear lowering springs....if I had tolower the front then I would get he Eibach kit. Not sure if i want to lower it...

any thoughts out there??? does it look too high right now??

thanks in advance

I'm no fan of lowered cars, especially around here, too many pot holes and sunken sewer covers.

What size tires, height, make and price? I like the stance. Not fond of lowered cars. Thinking of doing what you did...
tire/rim combo

wheels 17 x 8 w/4" BS

Tires BFGoodrich KDW 245-45-17 Front (25.68 Height)
255-45-17 rears (26.04 Height)

Car has not been lowered yet....undecided if I should do it.

What do you guys think?? should I lower it with Eibach lowering kit? it states the front will drop 1" and the rear 0.8" with this spring kit.

Lower It!! See Below


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