Looking at a Honda RC51

Scott A.

May 24, 2001
Found a nice looking 2000 RC51 for sale, considering picking it up. Currently have a cruiser bike (plan to keep), but want something a little more exciting to ride from time to time. I love the sound of these bikes, but I've also heard they are better track bikes than street bikes. Not planning to ride for more than an hour or two at a time.

Anybody here own one, or have any experience with them?
A buddy of mine had one and I'll agree with you that bike sounded wicked. I think it was the gear driven cam? Anyhow he seemed to like it a bunch when he had it. I think he ended up with a R1 after he wrecked the Honda.
thats a pretty kool bike. my buddy has one. vtwin with about 125 hp. they weigh about 450 lbs with gas. great handling bike 4 sure. hp is a little low by todays standards but nevertheless a true race like bike for the money.