modded turbo buick

turbo grey

Dec 25, 2001
i have a heavily modded 81 regal with a 87 complete driveline.It has all the goodies,yet fully streetable,including a/c.
heres a quick run down.
87 engine,trans,rear end.
109 block,steel main caps,studs,std turbo crank,stock rods and piston/speed pro
rings. 204/214 cam,ported and polished stock heads and intake.kenny bell upper plenum,pt-72 turbo,83#siemmens inj,pte-front mount intercooler,3"discharge tubes,3"eastern stainless down pipe.3"stainless atr cat back exhaust.external waste gate. gen 6 dfi engine management.
200r4 fully built,10 vane front pump,perf clutches and shift kit.(im in the process of purchasing a trans brake.) 9"3500 art carr stall.
stock 10 bolt posi,boxed upper and lwrs.
car is gun metal grey.the body is in great shape,the interior is full gn,and very clean.
car has stock refinished t-wheels.can fit a 28/12.5 tire in the rear.(frame notched)
easy mid 10 sec car.everything is fresh.never been to the track,or even on the street since the new engine went in.
looking to trade for an old strip car that i can make somewhat streetlegal.
if ur interested,please send me some pics.
83#inj.3"eastern down pipe.3"atr stainless cat back.kennybell plenum.204-214 cam,prec.f/m intercooler,9"artcarr3500 stall,
stock bottom end w/steel mains and studs.turbotweak chip.
looking for some mid-high 10 second times wih this set up.

went 11.6's@116 with pte-54,and 42#inj.and a bone stock motor. problems with the car.everything works including a/c ,pwr windows and locks. if i sell it outright,i want $15,000 canadian.
i want to go with an older car,bigblock,lots of spray,and mid -low 9'sec et's.
ill try and get pics to u soon.
heres some old pics,I sold the welds,and the car now has t-wheels,i wanted a more low key look.


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