Moser axles, Extreme Automatics elec brake, guages, pod, volt booster


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May 24, 2001
I have a set of 28 spline Moser upgraded axles and billet Moser C-Clip eliminators for 8.5 10 bolt. $325 shipped

Extreme Automatics electric trans brake. Works perfect. Comes complete with instructions. Must run a deep pan. $325 shipped

Here is a link with all the info on the brake from Extreme's site.

VDO boost and water temp guage with sending unit. $30 shipped

4 Guage pod in gray. Sits on top of hvac control/radio ledge. Not in perfect shape but looks decent and serves its purpose. $25 shipped

Reds volt booster. $45 shipped

PM if interested. Paypal accepted.

Thanks axles.jpgbrake.pngvdo.pngguage.pngvolt.png


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I take it the axles are specifically for C-clip eliminators? They wouldn't work with a stock setup? And if so, would you separate?