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Apr 13, 2004
The Nats was full of awesome cars. Each one unique. I am sure that everyone has a favorite, I know I do.
I have seen fast cars, slow cars, show cars, rats, highly modded cars not street legal and I have to say in the 15+ years I have been attending two cars impressed me more this year then any other year.
The first is Plogi's car. He is a 109 with iron heads running 145mph on E85. HOLY SHAT. I know that gives me inspiration.
The second car was a black hard top T with chrome trim running in the TSA class. This car is pristine and appears completely stock but ran a 10.98. All I can say is great job. Keep up the good work guys.
I will look forward to seeing more next year.
The hard top T with chrome trim is John Tubbs (from Wisconsin) tsa car, a very nice car indeed.

There was also a tagged and registered fully streetable silver T running low 9's :eek:
I believe you are talking about Robert Wilson's car.
There were 2 silver ones there, there was one in the show in the 11+ mods class with the gray powder coated engine parts that said it ran a 9.44 on Thursday, was a beautiful car, I did not see that one run.
Then the other one ran a 9.3 I believe with black powder coated engine parts and up pipe.
Both had full interiors, I think the black engine parts one had a roll bar, but the other one with gray parts had no roll bar and not even braces behind the rear seats!
Not to tsake anything away from some very impressive cars I think You guys nailed it .Ive been going for 15 years and the cars that impress me the most totally agreed with John Plogs car,John Tubbs Amazing love the black chrome,The silver T on Alky pitted along the fence behind me think it is Robert Wilson from indy.Also would Add one more work of art and that is Steve Kesslers Sack racings car is Beautiful.Again you nailed it IMHO!
Sorry if I spelled someones name incorrect
Thanks much for the compliments! I don't know where the E85 info came from but I run on gas.

John Plog
Sorry for the wrong info... I heard it second hand and did not verify E85.

Still holy Shat...