Need a cam.


Dec 31, 2001
I am putting together my combination now and will be buying a cam probably in the next week or so. I'm gonna go Flat tappett because of the cost. I know the benefits of the roller but the F/T is in my budget at the moment.

The car will be run for a while with this current combination that I have. In the future ( year or two I will try to add Champion heads and intake)

Current combo..

stock rebuilt bottom end. Stock heads, stock intake, stock headers.
Turbonetics T-66 BB P trim
65MM T-body and 65 MM plenum
3 inch up pipe, 4 inch inlet pipe and 3 inch down pipe
Mease 24 Row custom SL intercooler.
Accel Gen 7 DFI
TSI 3200 stall N/L converter
rebuilt 200r4
Ford 9 inch with 3.50 gears
3200lbs race weight.
Car is driven regulary on the street.

Can I go 212/212 now and hope for the heads and intake down the road? Or go with 206/206 and the heads intake will work just as good with that cam?

Where are some other places I can look at Cam options other than Cottons site?


Trying to go 10's at 22 psi
I would say save your money for a while and step up to roller rockered GN1's and a nice roller cam to make it easier to go 10's. I've done the incremental build thing, just skip straight to the good stuff.

You don't have to go with a huge cam, 206 to 212 with the stock head. You'll really see improvement after porting the heads. I only bowl ported the stock head to unshroud the valve. I went from running 13's at 20psi with stock heads and cam to running 11's at 17 psi when I put in a 210/210 110 roller cam and bowl ported irons and stock sized valves. The stock lower intake wasn't even port matched, it was off by 1/4 inch too high. Went 10's but it was at 24-27 psi boost, 22psi just got me low 11's. 3300#'s w/o driver.
I'm gonna go Flat tappett because of the cost. I know the benefits of the roller but the F/T is in my budget at the moment.

I need to keep the ball rolling on this car. I don't have the time to port heads, intake and save for an $800 cam. I will buy the Campion stuff over the course of a winter. Just not this one.

I need to choose a F/T cam in the 206 or 210 or 212 range. What companies offer these for Turbo buicks?
sooo, I can't go tens on a flat tappett cam for $210. :confused: But keeping the stock cam is better?
204/214 rings a bell or 208/212 something like that . Look on edlebrocks site for the specs. I have a friend that ran in the 11's with one and liked the way it ran.
212/212 cam is awesome. I had the 212/212 on the 112 lobe sep. Absolutely loved it. Now I did lose my cam.........damn #3. I am looking at going back to the same cam, or I have been looking really hard at the 214/214 on the 110 lobe sep from T/A performance.
The 212/212 FT will work now on your present combo and will work in the future with your upgraded parts. Get this going now with the cam you can afford and have fun with it, you can always change later IF you need too. I saw a 212 FT on Cottons website a while back for about $220 with lifters.